Why You Need To Stop Hiding From Your Bad Credit Score

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Your hiding from your bad credit!

Here’s some advice: stop hiding from your bad credit score 💯

The quality of your life depends on your credit. Once you understand that you will start to take action.

That old saying

“it takes money to make money”

… is wrong.

You need creativity and courage.

But it all starts with your mindset. Without the correct mindset of how you think about money and credit is negative, you won’t achieve the success you want.

Money and credit aren’t everything, but what you can do with money and credit is everything, so listen up!

Video Transcription:

You have to stop hiding from your credit report.

All right, guys, welcome to Tradeline TV. My name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines.

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Stop Hiding From Your Bad Credit Score

You gotta stop hiding from this bad credit. You inquire about your credit score, you inquiring about, “Hey, I need to take a look at this,” or, “I’m just calling to inquire,” your credit score doesn’t change.

We need to stop inquiring and take action. Take the time to do this after this video to comment one or two words of what is stopping you from fixing your credit. What is stopping you?

Understand the power of having great credit. Just one or two words. Comment below what is stopping you right now.

Because I take that education, I take that data that you guys are giving me, and I say, “Look, how can I recreate, how can I fix what these people are having the problems with?” Make sure you just, one or two words, comment below.

Your Quality Of life Depends On Your Credit

Now, you have to understand that the quality of your life depends on your credit. When you understand that the quality of your life depends on your credit, you will then take action. In the beginning, we got told this, that it takes money to make money, it takes money to have good credit.

In my earlier days, I believed that a lot. I believed that it took money to actually be successful. It does not take money to have money, and it does not take money to have good credit. What it takes is courage. What it takes is creativity.

Those two things, courage, and creativity.

Quick Example

I’m going to give you an example here in a minute so we can get you out of this hole. “But Mike, I don’t have any, I don’t have any courage, no credit and I don’t know what to do.

My goal of this video is to get a hundred people, just a hundred people to understand the importance of your credit, to understand that fixing your credit is much more important than buying the bullshit you don’t need every week.

That’s what I want a hundred people to say, “Yes, you’re right. It is much more important than buying this stuff that I don’t need every week. I want to get it fixed.”


That being said, we’re going to talk about three things. The first thing that we’re going to talk about is your mindset.

This is the most important because, without the correct mindset in how you think about money and credit, you’re not going to change. I don’t care how creative you are.

I don’t care how innovative you are. I don’t care how much courage you have. If your mindset, the way you think about money and credit is negative, you’re not going anywhere.

Learn To Focus

What you focus on every day is going to shape. It’s like anything. It’s like a muscle. Your brain is a muscle. Focus on it. You want to work out and you really want to get in shape? You work out every day.

I have what they call “no zero days.” You start focusing on your credit. It’s like your significant other. If you neglect it, what happens? It falls apart.

If your credit is watched every day, and you start making just little small increment changes, I guarantee in a couple of months, your credit’s going to be sick.

The first thing you have to do is change your mindset.

Now, I had somebody comment on one of my videos that said, “Look, Mike. I just want to live within my means. I want to fly under the radar. I’m just happy. Credit isn’t everything. Money isn’t everything.”

Okay. It’s not credit or money that is everything. It’s what you can do for yourself and your family when you have it. No, it’s not the credit, and it’s not the money.

You could have all the money in the world and be miserable. You could have an 850 credit score and be miserable, but what you do with the money and the credit is up to you.

Stop Being Selfish

I think you’re selfish. For the person who says this, that money and credit is not important, you’re fricking selfish in my opinion. Have your mom get sick, have a family member, have you get sick, or a major emergency, God forbid, something happens, and you tell me have unimportant it is at that point when you can’t save your family, when you can’t do the things that you want to do in life because a quality of your life sucks because you won’t change it.

Just plain and simple. You know I’m going to tell you straight up. The first thing you have to change is your mind, to say, “You know what? I’m ready.

I don’t care what it takes.

I will sell my soul to have good credit.”

When you have that mindset, man, we’re animals. We’re beasts. We can do anything. That’s what I’m asking you to do is change your mind first to realize what I just said.

Be Creative

The number two thing you have to do is be creative. I talked about creative earlier, and I talked about courage. Doesn’t take money to have good credit. It doesn’t take courage.

What it takes is for you to be creative. You’ve got a friends, family members. Or you’ve got maybe a payday loan. Maybe you’ve got a car title loan.

You have to think outside the box. I’m going to give you a quick story.

Thinking outside the box

If there was a pill that was a thousand dollars or some type of medicine, and you had a family member, God forbid again, this, you have a family member, Stage 4 cancer, and they told you that you had to create or come up with a thousand dollars to be able to save your family member.

How creative would you be? Stage 4 cancer, about to die, you have to come up with a thousand dollars. Now you’re telling me, “There’s no possible way I could ever come up with that much money.

I live paycheck to paycheck. How could I ever come up with a thousand dollars?”

I guarantee if it was a loved one that that medicine saved her life or his life, you’d figure out a way to come up with a thousand dollars.

Leverage Credit

When I say “save your soul” because you can leverage credit and multiple times a hundred, once you have good credit, money’s not going to matter anymore, but if you’re happy living paycheck to paycheck and within your means and you want to be selfish, it’s completely up to you.

Depends on the person you want to be though.

But here’s what I’m going to share with you.

Uncle Bill or Aunt Suzy?

Do you want to be Uncle Bill or Aunt Suzy who leaves a legacy, or do you want to be that person that leaves, “Well, Uncle Bill was a nice guy.

He was that guy, good person, good soul, but he was a really nice guy,” and five years later, they forget about you, or do you want to be known for the legacy to have money, good credit, helped a lot of people. More importantly, you leave a legacy to help people, to be known for the person, “Man, this guy helped thousands of people.

This guy helped a lot of people in life. What a courageous man or woman that person was.” They remember you for 50 years, not after you’re buried they forget about you because you didn’t leave a legacy because you were just happy, you were just complacent, you were just living under the radar.

You didn’t want to do anything but just exist. Do you want to exist or have a legacy? Question’s yours. Which one do you want to be?

Having Courage

The third thing, if you tell me you don’t have courage and you tell me that you don’t have creativity, “Mike, I’m not a creative person. I can’t think. I’m not that guy I am a sports guy,” or sports gal, whatever.

Put aside $25 or $50 a week. That, I know you can do. I don’t care if you live paycheck to paycheck. Don’t go and get Starbucks. Don’t go and get food outside.

There are things that you can do to save 25-50 bucks a week. Our clients are going from the 500s to the 700 credit scores in under a month. Under a month.

Do you know what that’s going to do for your life when you go from a 550 to a 700 credit score? This is under a thousand dollars, guys.

By any means necessary

If you have to save a nickel a day… I don’t care how you do it. If you can’t think outside the box of how to get the money, how to borrow the money, how to get a friend to give it to you, payday loan, someone advance it to you and you pay them back…

How about, “Hey, let me ask you this. If I could borrow, Mom, if I can borrow the thousand dollars,” I’m just giving you an example, “I’ll pay you back 2,000.” Is that being creative, because what you can do is once you have, a month from now, once you have that 700-plus credit score, get yourself a credit card or two, and then I’ll show you guys how to get the money off the credit card and leverage it?

The conclusion

But you gotta be creative, so talks… First, we’re going to change our mind.

Then we’re going to think about how creative we can be to come up with it. Remember the analogy, how creative you’ll be if your loved one is on their death bed and you had to come up with a thousand.

If you can’t do all that, and God forbid, you can’t, let’s say that can’t happen, and you say, “There’s not a courage. I don’t have the courage to do it, and I don’t have the creativity,” then guess what? Put aside 25-50 bucks until you get the money, but you gotta start. Action leads to success. Inquiring about your credit leads to failure, and nothing ends up happening.

Give us a call at 904-515-6698.

I will absolutely help you guys in any of these three areas that you need help with. Comment below the one or two words that are keeping you from moving forward.

I want to review those, I want to see what’s going on. I appreciate, as always, watching Tradeline TV. My name is Mike, and until tomorrow, take care.



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