Why Doing Credit Repair Professionally vs Yourself is Much Better!

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I decided to put together the pros and cons of paid services, versus doing it on your own. So today we’re going to talk a little bit about the pros and cons between you doing your actual work yourself, and then hiring a professional company to actually do the work.

A lot of clients ask us, say, “I don’t know what to do?” And so I wanted to put together just a few things that would really make sense and hit home, and you’d go, “Ah.”

By the end of this video, if this doesn’t make sense, somewhere I’ve lost value, somewhere I did not convey the information into your brain that was an absolute game-changer in moving forward and fixing your credit.

But first, you have to have a why.

And we talk about this a lot in the psychology of credit, and the credit game is, what is your why?

Because if you don’t have any reason to have a seven or 800 credit score, then why would you do it?

If you’re just a person that says, “You know what, I’m a cash person, I’m a cash cow. I just like to use cash for everything. I’m interested in living paycheck to paycheck. I don’t really want to have any credit, or leverage credit, or make any money, or have a great credit score so I can one day buy my own home. Or maybe I want a nicer car at some point. Or maybe I want to finance or start a business. Or maybe I want to expand and get into a nicer apartment. Or maybe I want to get water and electric, or maybe I’m looking for a cell phone.”

If any of those fit something that 99.9% of Americans use every day, then stay with the free side.

The only pro that I could come up with as to why to go free, versus a professional company, is it’s free.

That’s it, there are no other real benefits of why you would say, “Hey, I would like to do the work myself.” We had a client call us in, purchased a couple of tradelines, got the Elite Credit Repair, and then literally, within two, three hours said, “Look, I just want to do this myself.” It shocked the entire team, we were just, “You want to do it yourself?”

It doesn’t really make sense. So the only benefit that I could come up with is free.

Now, hose water is free, do we want to drink that?

If you want free, you’re going to get free results. We can barely breathe without paying for something. So the only benefit, again, comes down to, “Okay, I don’t have to come out of pocket anything.”

Now, the pro side of why you would want to use somebody who does this day in and day out, by the way, we don’t sell dogs and have flea collars back here in the shop, and we don’t sell vacuums, this is what we do day in and day out, we breathe credit.

So going from the paid side, you’ve got accountability.

Number one, accountability.

It’s like a gym membership, it’s like a personal trainer at a gym. If you had a personal trainer at a gym, don’t you think that that is a form of accountability to say, “You know what, maybe, just maybe, I will be there for my appointment.” Because they’re counting on you being there for your appointment, for your training session.

It’s the same thing with doing credit. We’re counting on you to do the work.

Expectations are set up front, but you have somebody working who does this day in and day out.

It’s great to go to the gym, and you just going to piddle around and you have no idea what form even is.

You’re doing your lat pulldowns. You ever saw people in the gym doing their lat pulldowns, and they’re pulling it down like this?

For anybody who’s watching this, whoever worked out, and you’ve seen people do that on the lat pulldown machine, it’s silly.

They’re in there, they’re working their shoulders, not even doing back exercise.

Or, hiring a trainer who does this day in, day out and teaches you the form. The same thing with credit, we do this day in and day out.

So another pro is, one, accountability, you have professionals doing the work for you who live, breathe, sleep credit.

It’s like if you wanted to get your roof done, you don’t pop up there and pop your … “Oh, that’s it, I want to do it free. I just want to do free work so I’m going to pop on my roof and start laying my own shingles.”

We don’t do that, we hire professionals. Quality comes with doing work and investing.

Number one, it’s an investment, it’s an investment in your future. “Mike, I just want to stay at 540 my whole life, that’s just my goal, my goal is to stay to 540, I don’t need credit. I don’t need it. I just want to just make it through life. I’m okay in the fives.”

It’s silly. So this is what I’m talking about.

Another thing is the timeframe.

So again, if you’re going to try and do this yourself, average time, year, year and a half.

Having a service do it, who has, by the way, proprietary methods and software, two to three months.

Our average client comes into us at 558 and leaves over 700. And we’re going to talk about what that package looks like.

Do you understand that you couldn’t literally finance a toothpick at 558? And if you did get a toothpick, the interest rate would be 29% and you’d have to put down, $29 on a toothpick.

That’s the difference of a 558, and when you’re in a 700 you get what you want, better interest rates, very low down payments if we’re talking about a car, you’re getting approved for credit cards, you can leverage cash, so many different benefits.

Now, not only that, you’re going to be sending letters, so it’s the slow method.

You send the letters, you wait for the credit bureaus to come back, say verified or they are going to say it’s deleted.

But it’s a slow, meticulous process that usually ends up being over a year.

There’s a lot of companies out there that do it that way and they challenge one or two things and then literally wait for the credit bureaus to come back.

And then it’s just a long process back and forth month, by month, by month.

So we don’t do it that way, we challenge everything in month number one.

Everything that is inaccurate, obsolete, unfair, unduly, incorrect on your membership, on the credit report itself, will be challenged.

Does that mean everything’s coming off? Of course not, but it means that if we can’t get it off, I can promise you we’re going to be the best in the industry if we can’t remove it, you sure as hell ain’t going to remove it.

So the way collections work is seven years on your credit report, bankruptcies end up staying 10 years.

Now you can live your whole life by having all that on your credit report, or possibly within two to three months, you can have that stuff removed from your credit report and you can move on with your life and literally start getting your own primaries, and your own credit cards, and your own vehicle, getting a new home.

These are things you can do with credit, leverage, credit is the game, leverage is the Superman game.

So when you can leverage credit, you can just expand significantly in your life and really just flourish.

And then let’s talk about, it’s just not you, you got you working on you.

How many times do you come home from work and you’re like, “I just want to work on my credit today.” So you don’t want to do that, you’ve got a team of people working behind you on a professional side who do this day in, day out as I said.

Or it’s just you that’s going to go ahead and start sending out letters, who have no earthly idea of what you’re doing.

If you guys don’t know what inaccurate, unduly, unfair, erroneous information on your credit report looks like, and we do, who do you think has a better shot at removing it?

So here’s my call out for you. If you guys are interested in doing it the right way, and time is a factor because you’re like, “I definitely see how you could do it much faster and more effective than me.”

When we have the time to do it, and you work all day and you don’t feel like coming home and working on credit.

And again, even if you did and let’s just say you did, you don’t have the software, you don’t have the proprietary methods, you have no idea what a credit report looks like and what you’re looking to challenge on there.

The codes, and the verbiage, and the identity, and the different things that we use through our proprietary methods.

Then how the hell are you going to get this stuff removed?

Now, if you are interested in getting this done, I’m going to tell you this now, this is only sold in a combo.

We do not offer the Elite Credit Repair by itself, and the reason for that, because a lot of you, “Mike, why is that? I just want the credit.”

No, you don’t just need the credit repair, you need the tradelines too.

If you’re coming to me in the fives or the sixes, you need the tradeline too, you don’t just need the credit repair.

Now let me share this with you, you have to purchase. What I am doing is this, no cost upfront for, making it very clear here, the Elite Credit Repair.

You guys are coming off of YouTube, we want to make sure we’re doing things right and legal.

You will not pay for credit repair until after services are rendered, in 60 days.

That being said, you’re going to need the tradeline anyway, for you guys who don’t know what a tradeline is we’re going to copy and paste someone from great credit onto your credit.

You’re going to take over the credit limit and the age of that account.

You will not get to use the card, but you will take over the payment history and the age.

This automatically increases your score. So what we do is we call that a tradeline.

You need that tradeline put onto your credit report, it’s going to add age, it’s going to add credit limit, and it is going to make your credit report look very good.

You’re going to need that anyway.

So we do it as a combo because we have millions of people, we don’t charge for the credit repair, we have millions of people, “I just want to credit repair.”

Now from a business standpoint, if I’m not charging for credit repair until after services are provided, think about what of a pandemonium this is going to cause.

We just don’t have the resources, we’re the largest company, but we still don’t have resources for millions of people coming to us saying, “Hey, I just want the credit repair.”

So we’re looking to weed out the people that are tire kickers, we call them to tire kickers.

These are people that want to waste time, and they want to bore me with, “I’m just calling for information.” The information doesn’t change your credit guys, the information does information.

So we’re not looking for people to call in and say I’m just looking for information.

Look, if you want information, I’ll give you the information, but then take action.

I’m going to push you because nobody else will. The reason your credit is a 540 because nobody else pushed your ass, that’s why.

Plain and simple, nobody will push you, they’re going to tell you you’re okay. You’re going to tell yourself you’re okay.

I’m not going to tell you you’re okay.

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that 540 is good, I think it’s horrible, and I think you should literally be ashamed of it.

But I get things to happen, and I get that divorces to happen, and life happens, and job happens, and things happen. I’m sympathetic to that, but also, do not call and say “I just want information.”

Because information will not change your 540, you’ve got to take to move it.

If no action is taken, no action is taken. That’s just the way life works.

We do it as a combo, you’re going to have to spend a couple of hundred bucks.

A minimum of 400, and again, that’s going to be a smaller line, but a minimum of $400 just to get you in the door to be an Elite member.

Now again, you’re not paying for the Elite Credit Repair for 60 days.

I went down really low with 400, I wanted to say six, seven, 800 bucks. Because the Elite Credit Repair, by itself, is 900 bucks and you didn’t know that it was not going to be charged upfront.

So why would you not get a better line in that 800, $900 range? Get that extra-large tradeline put on and then you don’t owe us until 60 days for the credit repair.

That would be the most sense. But there are a few people that are like, “Look, I just got the 400.” I get it, and that 400 will get you into the program.

We don’t do it by itself, we don’t do credit repair by itself and we don’t do the inquiry by itself.

They are paired with tradelines because of the massive amount of people that want to do it.

So I wanted to be very clear on that.

Tell you the pros and cons and understand this is not a game for you, this is a game for the professionals.

If you need help with your credit and you’re in the fives, the fours, the threes, the sixes even, and you want the Elite Credit Repair combo, just write combo below and again, please be serious when you put your inquiry in there, because we are going to reach out to you and if you put elite combo and you’re interested, we know that you’re serious.

We know that you at least have the $400 and I don’t mean you have the 400 bucks next year.

Only contact us and say elite combo, if you have the 400 and you’re saying, “Look, I know that I’m not paying for the Elite Credit Repair, but I’m ready for the tradeline combo, at least 400.

And I suggest going with something over five years old too, it’s going to probably be the five, six, $700 range, upfront, but again, you’re not paying for the credit repair until after.

So get the better tradeline on the front end, I’m just telling you that’s the way you want to do it.

Put elite combo, if you’re serious, and you’ve got the money, and you’re ready to move forward. If not, save it up and then when you get it, put serious or put the word tradeline combo, so I know that it’s you.

And thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines, I’m here for you every single day.

If you haven’t subscribed, I do this every single day, I bring value, bring content on the daily Monday through Friday.

Hit the subscribe button over here. Make sure that you turn on the bell notification guys so that every day you’re getting the videos.

Turn the bell notification on, it’s going to notify you when the video comes in, and it is the best way.

We’ve got thousands and thousands of clients that are learning, who I’ve taken from the trenches to the hills. So if that’s on, that you’ve turned that on, subscribe, give me a thumbs up if this resonates with you, I would appreciate that.

That’s how the channel grows and if I can help you in any way, shape, or form, go ahead and post elite combo. Or just give us a call, 9045156698, my guys will take care of you.

Until tomorrow, take care.

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