Why Adding Tradelines Saved This Family’s Life

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A lot of it is so you know what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to do it when it comes to credit. But today I want to bring you a special story that I think that you’ll appreciate and some of the haters may not. The topic we’re going to talk about is a gentleman that came to me last month, came to me in the early part of September and said, “Look, Mike, I’m down and out. I lost my job. I lost my wife. Literally my car just got repoed. I just found out my mom has stage four cancer.”

Besides that, when the wife left, she took the money out of the checking accounts. So literally this guy has had a very bad September to say the least. He called in and said, “I need help. I see you guys all over YouTube. I see that you’re growing. I see you’re doing great things for families.” And I said, “James, I’m going to help you. I’m going to do whatever it takes to help you because when you’re coming and you’re crying out for help, our job is to help you.” But I’m sympathetic about it because anytime I can help somebody, it brings joy to me. So I said to him, “Look, what is your current credit score?” He said, “Mike, I’m at a 593. I can’t get my car back. I can’t go get another car. I don’t have any money to save my mom’s life. I literally am down and out and I don’t know how to crawl out of this valley. I’ve got myself in such a hole that my wife has left me because I’m not showing that I’m stable. She said that we needed separation time.”

I said, “James, I can take you from zero to hero, but I’m going to ask you for 5% of your trust. Just give me 5% of your trust and I will earn the other 95%. Do we have a deal?” He said, “Mike, I got $650 to my name and I haven’t eaten. I can’t sleep. With everything that’s going on, I’ve literally put myself in a position where I want to kill myself.” And this is the truth. And I said, “Here’s what I want you to do. What I’m going to do for you is this. I can’t get your wife back and I can’t take away stage four cancer from your mom and I probably can’t help you get your car back. I don’t know how far it’s passed. What I can do is offer a service that I believe in my heart will change your life.”

He said, “Mike, I don’t have any money.” I said, “I need you to trust me. I need something.” I said, “Give me $600.” He said, “That’s going to leave me $50.” I said, “Give me $600. Here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to do an elite credit repair. Our fastest on the planet elite credit repair, where we can go in and challenge all this negative stuff that’s not supposed to be on your credit report, unduly, unfair, incorrect. All the information on your credit report that’s not supposed to be there can come off and I understand you don’t know how to do it. What I’m also going to do for you is I’m also going to add a $25,000 credit limit Barclay card.”

I said, “But here’s the cool thing because you came to me, just to show you that I care about your outcome. I’m not going to charge you for any credit repair. So what I’m going to do for you is I’m going to do the elite and you’re only going to pay for the trade line.” I said, “The trade line is $597 and you don’t pay me anything until after the work has performed on the elite credit repair. So your only investment is 597 today.” “Dude, I’m down to my last 50 bucks then.” I said, “You can give me 5% of your trust and I can hope that you make a move so I can take you off this ledge.” And he said, “Let’s do it.”

Now, here’s the best part about the story. He called me this morning and said, “Mike, I’m not going to kill myself. In fact, I went from 593 to 769 credit score. I was able to get a $10,000 Capital One savior card.” Which has allowed me to give the doctors $4,300 to start the chemo on his mom, $2,500 back payments to get his car back. His wife saw that he was making a change financially and his credit and came back home. Tradelines saved this man’s life.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you. If you guys are down and out or if there’s anyone on there that’s watching this, that’s feeling a similar situation. Maybe your credit is down and you need help. Maybe you’re going through a similar situation where you can’t buy a car and your car is falling apart and you need something new. Maybe you don’t have any credit cards and that $10,000 card that he got from Capital One savior saved this man’s life. Without that money, the wife’s gone. Think about this, without that money, the wife’s gone, he can’t get to work, because he doesn’t have the vehicle to get there, he can’t help his own mother save her life, she didn’t have the money. Think about what this did from one single trade line. If you guys need help at all, post comments below. What we offer is an elite credit repair tradeline combo.

If you want the same deal, I’m willing to help anybody who’d post below that says the words ‘elite plus trade line combo’. If you want the same deal that he did for 597, I was able to give him the elite and the trade line and it took him from 597 into the seven hundreds and changed this man’s life. If you guys want that opportunity, I’m willing to share the love with everybody. Post comments below, put age trade line, elite credit pair combo, and I’ll take care of you guys. Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV. If it’s your first time on the channel, go ahead and hit the subscribe button, give me a thumbs up if this resonates with you and if I can help you in any way, post that comment below. For the people that write age trade line and elite combo, I’ll reach out to you, get you set up, and hopefully I can change your life too. Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV. My name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines and until tomorrow, take care.

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