What To Say When Your Client Says “I Need To Think About It”

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We’re going to talk about a topic today that I’ve never done before, and the cool thing about this topic is that you guys need to know exactly what to say on a live call for your clients when they tell you they “need to think about it.”

Today, we’ve got John on board.

We’re going to do a pretend live call. This is going to help you with your clients, help you understand when you’re selling credit repair when you’re selling tradelines, whatever it is you’re selling, you need to know what to say when they hit you with objections.

We’ll do a live call and we’ll get started, and then we’ll role-play it out and when you guys are faced with this you won’t be scared.

John’s going to call me and we’re going to go from here.

Ring, ring. Welcome to Wholesale Tradelines. My name is Mike. What can I get you information on?

Hey, Mike. My name is John.

I’m calling in today, I’m trying to boost my credit up a little bit because I would like to buy a new car.

Never had a new car before, always had something that was old and I and my wife are talking about this is the time for us to kind of invest and keep getting our credit going back on track.

We’ve heard a lot of great things about you guys.

Oh, man. Congratulations, first of all, on your new car, man.


Actually I just got my new car last month as well.


Yeah, man, so you guys are ready to invest, you know that this is important to you. What kind of car are you trying to get?

At this point, we’re still kind of shopping around.

Obviously, we don’t want a crazy car payment.

For sure.

You get in trouble easy that way. I’m pretty much calling today just to try to get some information, kind of get a better understanding of what tradelines are, and that’s why I’m calling in today.


Get an idea of what this is.

Absolutely. In fact, when people call me in for information, that’s important but the information is not going to change.

Today, by the end of the call, if it’s fair enough I’m going to present something to you that is going to be an easy yes.

Is that fair enough?

Yeah, absolutely.

Okay, good. Let’s talk about it for a minute.

What is your current credit score? Where are we at?

Right now I’m about a 610 roughly.

Great, great. Have you been to the dealership and try to get approved yet? Or you guys haven’t even been in yet?

No, we have not gone in. We’ve done those things where typically people drive through the parking lot and kind of get an idea of what you’re kind of eyeballing, maybe get kind of scared because you don’t want them to come at you hard.

You get in there, you don’t want to be denied in front of everybody, it’s embarrassing.


You don’t want 50 inquiries on your credit.


Completely understand.

John, I had a client last week that was able to do three tradelines.

We offer what they call a Gold Package, and last week a client of ours, Jamal, put these three tradelines on and literally when he first when… Now, it’s a little bit of a different story because when he went in he got denied, but he was right around that 600 mark.

He put the three tradelines on. It boosted him right around that 700 mark.


Back in two weeks later, we post these tradelines fast, he went back in two weeks later and after being denied two weeks ago came back into a dealership and said, “Look, this is what I want”, and they were like, “Man, dude”…

Before being denied, now, he’s driving the car he wants, a great interest rate, and he didn’t have to put down but a thousand dollars.



That sounds great.

That’s what the tradelines do. They give you great like age, they give you a credit limit, progression file.

Do you know anything about tradelines? How they work?

No, I really don’t.

That’s why I followed you on your YouTube channel, saw a few videos.

Awesome. I appreciate it, man. Appreciate watching. It means a lot to me.


That’s why I bring it to you guys every day so you understand what’s going on and really learn how credit works, but here’s how tradelines work.

We have perfect payment history clients who we have vetted and screened to make sure that their cards are in great utilization standings, 130%, their cards have never been late.

They are people that are willing to share their credit with you to help you out because they’ve got credit ready, we’ve already vetted them, we’ve screened them.

What a tradeline is, we take your profile and we take the credit limit and the age and then transfer it onto your credit report as if was you.

Oh, wow. That’s sounds great.

Let’s say we’re going to put a $20,000 Chase card with five years of perfect payment history, we’re going to put down your credit, and when that hits your credit, you get an instant score increase.

Oh, wow.

Putting three tradelines on, which is what Jamal did, he was able to go from 610 to right over 700 in a matter of two weeks.

Now, do you know the difference between going in and getting denied and then coming back two weeks later and picking out any car you want?


That’s a good feeling.

I would say so.

The dealership looked at him like, “What is going on?” They approved him, so from a guy who didn’t get approved at all to a guy who goes back in and gets a great interest rate and very low down payment.

That’s awesome.

These three lines that we’re talking an out, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

I want to make sure that you get the same ones. That’s our Gold Package.

The three lines we’re talking about are going to be $1995 today. 1995, that’s going to give you three lines.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can only get a vehicle with that.

It’s also going to give you availability to apply for credit cards, lines of credit, and other things as well.

Oh, wow.

Don’t just look at the car, look at it like enhancing your credit for life.

That makes sense.

The $1995, this is exactly what you need.

Again, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If it worked for him, it should work for you as well.

I know exactly the lines to put on because he went through the same situation.

Right. No, that makes sense.

Yeah, man.

Let’s knock this out. Here’s the deal.

I take Visa, I take Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

We can do the $1995 today, get these three lines on, and then you’ll be thanking me, man.

All I ask if that you take a picture with the… This is what he did as well, that’s why I’m asking you to do it.

Take a picture with the sales rep at the car dealership.

Shake hands, take a picture, and then you can post it on YouTube for me or somewhere so that way people can see.

Oh, that sounds good.

Is that fair enough?

Well, Mike, when I was talking to you, it’s kind of like a thing with me and my wife.

It’s a large purchase and I would definitely like to talk to my wife about things before I do anything.

I just want to make sure we’re a hundred percent onboard.


If you could, could you just email me some information?

Yeah, yeah. No, absolutely. I definitely love to talk to my wife and I think that families talk to each other prior to making decisions.

Let me ask you this.

Does your wife already know that… Obviously, you guys talk, right?


You’ve already talked about this?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Does she know that you’re both looking for a car?



She’s the one that’s actually hounding me on it.

Oh my gosh. It’s better to ask for permission than… it’s better to get the deal done and go back and say, “Hey, we got the deal done. We’re putting the tradelines on.” It’ll feel a lot better, right?

Yeah. I get what you’re saying, but I got a feeling if I jump the gun, man, my wife is just going to kill me.

Oh, hey, let me get it quick.

When you’re talking to her, and I agree with you, man, a hundred percent, what if she says no?

Well, if she says no it sounds like we’re back to the drawing board and we’re just sitting around spinning our wheels and looking at things again like we have been.

Oh man.

For the last few months.

America has gone to take action.

If she were to say no, would it be to the price you think?

Or probably to the service?

Well, the service sounds great and it’s probably going to be the price because we’re worried about the down payment on a car and everything else.

We just want to be cautious when we’re looking at it and make sure we’re not going too far ahead too fast and-

No, I’m with you man, I’m with you. If fact, I knew you were going to say that before you even said it-

Oh, okay.

Because most people don’t call me and say, “Hey, I want to spend $2,000”, but when you see the value of what we’re doing, that $2,000, it’s nothing for what you’re going to get.

You can leverage that $2,000 to credit cards.

You can leverage that to instead of having it get denied where you’re at now at a 610 and probably a $5,000 payment, think about putting the tradelines on, getting a couple of credit cards and a vehicle.

Let’s get this done, man. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Let’s get it done, man.

Well, my wife is going to have some questions, and I see you’re right.

It is a large purchase, but she is going to have some questions about the situation.

I just don’t want to make a mistake.

That’s why I was calling to kind of try to get a little bit of information from you and it’s definitely the money situation because it is a lot for us, but if it makes sense, it makes sense.

I’m just I don’t want my wife to kill me, man.

I hear you.

I mean..

I definitely don’t want her to kill you either.

Hey, let me ask you. On a scale from one to 10, one being you don’t want to move forward today, it just doesn’t make sense to you, 10 beings, “Look, I’m ready to move forward today to get this done so I can get my vehicle”, where are you at?

I’m at like a nine.


I’m pretty close, I’m right there.

Good, good. What would make it a 10 today for us?

That’s a great question. I’m just focusing when I’m looking at my wife and if I do it, what would this cost for both of us to do something like this?

The biggest piece of it is she is going to want to probably be on the vehicle as well.

Her credit is worse than mine by a long shot.

Oh, is it?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Well, if her credit is worse, you definitely don’t want to put her on the loan because that’s going to impact you, so let’s just fix yours.

I wouldn’t worry about putting somebody with bad credit on a loan.

That’s a bad move, but it is always better ask for permission later than forgiveness, right?


My thing about it is this.

Let’s get the deal done and we can… Listen, if you go home, John, and you go home and you talk to your wife and we write the deal up now and you go home and she just absolutely tears into your ass and says, “Look, you know what? I don’t know what you did, I don’t know why you’re trying to fix your credit.

We never wanted to get a car.

We just don’t want to do this.” I’ll rip the whole thing up, man.

I’ll rip the whole thing up. You get a five-day cancellation anyway.

Oh, wow.

In the event that happens, which I doubt it, but if it did, I’ll rip the whole thing up.


Let’s get it done, man.

No, that’s reassuring. That sounds good, man.

I’m ready to move forward. How did you say that you wanted to do payments?

Yeah. No, I appreciate you, man.

You gave me that reassurance right there when you said okay, if I’m making a decision without my wife at this time, you’re giving me that five-day option and that’s great.

That’s the kind of stuff that I’m looking for and I want to hear.

Yeah, and then again, I don’t want you to cancel

It’s a lot of money, because it’s a lot of money and now you just gave me that reassurance that, “Okay, if my wife says this is not a great idea you’ll rip the whole thing up”

That’s awesome.

The whole thing up.

I’m ready to move forward.

Let’s do it. I can do Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

Well, let’s do it on the Visa card.

Let’s do it on Visa. I’m ready when you are.

Guys, listen. You have to know what to say when to say it.

When your client is saying, “I need to think about it, I got to talk to my wife, I don’t have the time, I’m busy, I don’t make rash decisions”, he went back and forth with me enough to where finally I’m like, “Look, let me give him some type of guarantee, some type of security that makes him move forward.”

You guys need to know exactly what to say because if not, that first objection, you don’t want to treat an objection like an objection.

You treat it like a complaint.

All he is going to do is complain.

People are going to complain whether it’s $5 or 5,000, so let him complain, but mentally as the salesperson, understand that I’m not treating anything that he just said as a valid objection.

I’m just saying, “Okay, he’s complaining to me. How am I going to get past it?”

“I need to think about, I got to talk to my wife”, all of that is fluff and it came down to money.

Once I made the money make sense to him where he has a viable out, if he goes home, talks to his wife and she’s like, “You’re an idiot for trying to fix your credit”, dude, we’ll rip the whole thing up.

It has never happened, but you gave him a guarantee in insurance that if it did, he doesn’t have to pay for it.

If he’s saying, “I need to think about it”, look, man, I understand. Always agree first.

People want to know that you’re agreeing with them. I agree, I’m with you, I hear you, I understand. I completely understand, and then move in. “I got to think about it.” I completely understand you need to think about it. “I need to talk to my wife.”

Dude, I’m with you. I talk to my wife as well. Then, hit him with the objection.

Agree, say the objection back, and then rebuttal. Say, “I need to think about it.”

I need to think about it.

Look, I’m with you. I understand you need to think about it.

Hey, I want you to do me a favor. Think about an elephant.

How long did that take you? Everybody watching this video could think of an elephant in less than a second.

Don’t add time to a decision. Let’s get the deal done.

The thought is instantaneous, so boom, we’re going to move into it. “I got to think about it.” The scale of one to 10, where are you? Find out where they’re at. What’s it going to take for us to do business today?

Today is the most powerful word, by the way, in sales because it resonates with them as in they think that they’re doing it today.

Tomorrow never comes.

I wanted to help you guys out with that. If your clients are saying, “I need to think about it”, and they got to talk to their wife or they don’t have time, look, I know you’re a busy person.

You don’t have time, most people don’t have time and I want to take that time off your table.

What I want to do for you, let’s get the deal done now because I know you’re busy and you got things to do.

Last thing you want to worry about that is later. Let’s get your credit fixed today.

Then, we’re going to get into the close. Always ask for the money. The more you ask for the money in a conversation, “How do you want to take care of it? How do want to take care of it? How do you want to take care of it?” People will close the deal.

The more you ask, the more you get.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike, this is John from Wholesale Tradelines, and until tomorrow, take care.

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