What is the New Credit Secret Everyone is Talking About?

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So what is this new credit secret that everybody’s talking about? If you’re talking about investing, whether it’s investing in stocks or bonds or real estate, whatever the case is, think about it like this. You have to put up capital in order to get a return.

In a lot of cases, and I’ve done millions of dollars in investments, is that you have to put up a lot of money and the percentages are … it’s like a bank account where you put the money into a bank account, but right now they’re so bad with the …

I mean, you’re getting less than half a percent. Means you’d have to keep … if you put a million dollars in a bank account, I don’t even know the numbers on it, but it would be 1,200 bucks a year.

I mean, that’s how low the percentages is. So when you’re talking about investing in things, a lot of capital typically is required to push in for them to hold the money and invest it and then push you back.

Now, real estate tends to be one of the higher ones, but I have never found an investment that does not require cash investment that works as well as this.

So what is this credit secret I’m talking about?

Today I’m going to share with you one credit secret that has worked for hundreds and hundreds of our cardholders, and what this means is, for people who have taken care of their credit … maybe you guys over the years or maybe even the last year have really taken care of your credit and you’re the kind of person that says, “Look, I’m willing to share my credit,” and I’ll explain what this means in a minute, “with those who are less fortunate, who could actually use the boost.”

Our cardholder program, no money required, automatically approved to come in.

There are a few criteria that we’re looking for, but there’s nothing better than the passive income you’re going to make for literally seconds of work. No money required down.

This is just a legal loophole that allows you to make passive income based on your credit cards that you’ve been taking care of for the years, and we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of people that are already doing this, making a ton of money by adding people as authorized users to their card.

Now let me share something with you. There are a few criteria before you guys get super excited and you’re like, “I want to get in.”

We’ve got people making anywhere from $500 a month up to our top broker who got paid 300,000 last year.

So if you guys are looking for passive income, you’ve protected your credit, and you’re like, “Look, I’d like to make money on my credit cards as well,” let me tell you a few criteria.

Number one, it can never have any late payments on the card that we are taking into our program, so no late payments ever on this card.

Number two, the utilization has to be under 25%. We can’t have anything maxed out because if we’re going to add somebody as an authorized user to our card, all of that information gets put on their credit, and if it’s over 25%, 30%, then we’re going into the negative.

So criteria one, no late payments, under 25% utilization, it has to report to the major credit bureaus, so if it’s not a card that doesn’t report, for example, some of the community banks, they don’t report to the credit bureaus, they would not be eligible.

And the card has to be at least six months old.

Now the older the card and the higher the credit limit, obviously the more our payout is going to be to you. But that is a … we need at least six months of history that would then transfer over to the client’s file.

Anything less than that, you’re not making any impact and most people are not going to be looking for something that has very, very little age.

Do you fit those criteria?

The question is, do you fit that … do you have credit cards that are in good standings that are six months or older, they report to the credit bureaus, under 25% utilization, and you’ve never been late on that card?

If so, I’m going to put a link below. I want you guys to click the link and just fill it out. It’s really simple.

Just put the card information in and then one of our people from our cardholder division will reach out to you, go over the details, how the payouts work, how much you get paid per person. Again, how you get paid per person directly is based on the credit limit, the age, higher credit limit, older card, you get paid more per person. Again, it’s per person, not per card, so that benefits you as well.

I wanted to share the secret with you because a lot of people have no idea they could be making so much money on their credit cards, but they just don’t know about it.

This is a loophole that’s been going on for over 30 years where people are adding people as authorized users.

It is a hundred percent safe, a hundred percent legal, and 100% risk-free in terms of anyone ever getting your information and being able to compromise your credit card information, your name, your access, your phone number, your social security number, all that.

We will explain that to you when call, but click the link below so you can start making passive income.

I mean, I’ve got a few cardholders that they don’t pay a mortgage payment, they don’t pay their car payments, they put their kids through college, they’ve gotten … they go on vacations.

I mean, literally, think about this. No money invested and getting thousands and thousands of dollars a month in passive income for doing nothing other than getting on the computer and adding this person as an authorized user.

I mean, it’s the easiest way to make money that I’ve ever seen, and no financial investment to get this passive income every month.

Click the link below, get that form filled out, and let us reach out to you and see what we can help you, and then we’ll give you your quotes and we’ll get you set up.

Now, if you are someone that says, “Look, Mike. I would love to be part of your program. I just don’t have any credit cards” or,” I don’t have any credit cards that fit those criteria that you’re looking for.”

Then one of two things you need. You need tradelines, so you’re on the other side now.

You’re on the side that could use the help. If you need tradelines with a high credit limit or decent age, then just call us directly and that’s at (904) 515-6698. (904) 515-6698. Give us a call. We can help you with the age trade lines and we can help you with any credit limit that you want to add because we have already vetted and screened our cardholders and they are ready to add you. They’re in a position now where they can add you.

I’m calling out the two people here. One, could you use our help so that you can start making passive income in the near future, but if you put the trade lines on, then you can get your own credit cards and then be part of our program, or B, if you’re the person who’s like, “I’ve got good credit, I’m ready to share my credit and make a lot of money,” then you’re going to click the link below and fill out that information.

If you’re the person that needs the credit cards, call us directly at that phone number (904) 515-6698 and let us help you get the few trade lines or whatever it is you need.

We’ll specifically see what your credit looks like and then we’ll be able to determine what you need so that way you can get your primaries, and then you can start selling them and making money for yourself. Passive income.

But seriously, all serious inquiries only.

Please do not … what I’m going to have you do, if you are interested in tradelines, just put the word tradelines below, but only serious inquiries, please.

As you can imagine, we get thousands of people that say, “I’m interested. I’m ready to move forward,” and then we contact them and then they’re just not in a position.

So please, serious inquiries only. Post the word tradelines below if you’re in a position financially where you’re ready to say, “You know what? I want a couple of tradelines or I want one tradeline or two or three, I want a package.

I’m ready to move forward because I want to fix my credit, I want to get my own cards, I want to get higher credit limits, I want to get more credit cards and I’m ready to fix my credit once and for all.”

So just post tradelines below.

If I see the word tradelines, I know you’re serious and you’re ready to move forward and I’ll have one of my guys reach out and make sure they take care of you.

But thank you, guys, for watching Tradeline TV.

Turn on the bell notification and give me a thumbs up.

This is the one credit secret that very, very few people know. It is a loophole in the system and the loophole and the system is that take advantage of it while you are still able to add people.

It’s a great opportunity to make passive income, a great opportunity for what you each month can get paid on for as little work as you’re going to be doing.

So again, thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV. Click the little subscribe button.

If you’re the first time on the channel, I appreciate you watching and give me a thumbs up.

Let’s rock and roll, and until tomorrow, my name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines.

Take care.

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