What Is a CPN and Should You Have One?

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Today, we’re going to talk about something that I’ve never talked about before, but I want to make sure you guys understand what this is and how to stay away from it and ax it out of your life. Today’s topic is what is a CPN, or SCN?

Video Transcript: Let’s get right into it. First, you have to understand the kind of the originator of what they are, and basically what the acronym means.

CPN is credit protection number.

SCN, secondary credit number, okay?

What are they?

Well, still today, and even in the past, what had happened was Congress and some of the high profiles, some of the … maybe even the president.

Some of the high profile people, whether it’s sports, or people of power would use an SCN or a CPN to be able to protect their social, so instead of them giving out their social, they would give out another number that was attached to their social but not actually their social.

It’s a nine-digit number, so instead of your social being 123-45-6789, whatever, this number maybe 122-34-567.

Right? Still a nine-digit number.

However, they attach it to their social so they don’t actually have to give their social security number, so that way nobody can track them down, security purposes, and being able to find them and harass them, okay?

Now, what does America do?

Just like anything in America, when something goes and gets put out there, it becomes a black market.

Just like drugs, just like certain, you know, pretty much anything that was legal first, when people get ahold of it, they can turn it to a black market product or service.

What happened was it started leaking out that there was a way that you could actually take a nine-digit number and start adding credit to this nine-digit number, also known as CPN or SCN.

Some people call it that, some people call it that.

Now, the problem with this is that the number is not attached to you.

The number, your social, your regular social, and this new number, when it becomes a black market, are either purchased, and it’s purchased from, usually, a different state.

Usually a completely different origin. Now, your numbers may start with 154, and now you’ve purchased this number that starts with 389. What happens?

Because now this number is not attached to your social, so what do you think people do?

They take the number, they add credit lines to it, and then they go out and try to get funding.

But guess what? The number is not attached to John Smith. Okay? Youre regular social, from birth, from the social security administration, is actually attached to you, legally.

But this new number is not attached to you.

What happens?

You go out and get credit lines on this number, and then guess what? I don’t want to pay that back anymore.


And here’s why this whole thing’s a scam.

Because when you don’t pay it back, there’s no repercussion.

You see if you don’t pay back your social, what happens?

You get collections, you get late payments, you can get charge offs, bankruptcies.

It kind of follows you through your life.

But if you had a CPN or an SCN that’s not attached to you, and you add credit lines to it, then guess what?

It’s not attached to you.

You can default on payments, get late payments collections, and there’s no person that it’s attached to.

This is why it’s a big scam, and this is why I completely believe, 100 percent, wholeheartedly it is illegal, and I wish that everyone would stay away from it.

Because you do not want to attach lines to a completely erroneous number, and then go out and scam banks, and go out and get credit cards, and them not pay them back.

Now, a lot of people on this video are going to say, “Well, I need a fresh start.”

Here’s the deal: get your regular credit fixed.

There are so many practical ways of doing this without doing it, in my opinion, and again, I’m not an attorney, so don’t take this as legal advice, but in my opinion, it’s completely illegal because there’s no repercussion for any of the actions.

Besides that, there’s no public record to it.

You have to build up a public record to put on this file.

Usually, they’re generated around the 2011 mark, out of a completely different state, and then that right there has no public record.

You’re 35 years old and you’ve got a number from 2011.

That makes a lot of sense going into a bank and trying to open a bank account, from a number that’s generated.

“Well, sir, you don’t look eight years old. You look 35. How’s it possible that you got a social when you were eight?” Right?

A little bit of it is silly, but there are so many people that want the quick fix, and they’re just, you know, “I want the quick fix.”

That’s the way America is. “Let me take that magic blue pill and be able to just have everything that I want, quickly.”

They don’t want to take the time to fix their regular credit, because why?

It takes too long.

Here, we can do a completely white file with no history on it, no inquiries on it, no collections on it, and we can take this out to the marketplace and start applying for credit cards.

You see, the problem with that is it’s not legal, and again, that’s my opinion.

I would stay away from them. We actually got contracted with a company called Lexus Nexus.

They scrutinized our business for six, seven months to be able to give us what the FBI and the IRS use to validate people.

The Lexus Nexus platform validates socials and public record.

Anybody that comes through our system gets the number checked through Lexus Nexus.

This isn’t something that you can just randomly apply for, okay?

Remember, what we can tell about someone is what they ate for dinner last night, so that’s how protective you have to be.

But for the purposes of hiring new employees, for the purpose of checking backgrounds, and for the purpose of checking people that come through our door that are trying to use fictitious profiles, we validate through Lexus Nexus.

That checks the public record, it checks the number to make sure that the person that we are actually adding tradelines to, that it links to, that doesn’t come back as somebody else, doesn’t come back as a deceased person, and doesn’t come back like a child’s number.

We do that to protect you guys.

The last thing we want someone doing is getting through and getting into our profile with one of these profile numbers, so we have a gatekeeper.

Lexus Nexus does a phenomenal job in checking everybody to make sure that they are who they are.

But again, it’s just a quick fix. This is America. We want the quickest thing possible, and so my recommendation is to stay away from them.

They’re a big-time waster. It steals your time.

A big waste of money. Okay? I’ve heard horror stories for years. “I put on three trade lines on this CPN number and I wasn’t able to get anything.”

Well, I mean, you got to completely … I mean, there’s no public record, there’s nothing built on it, and then you want to go out and get 50,000 dollars in funding.

How about doing it the right way?

Get yourself credit cleaned up, the right way, challenge the inaccurate, obsolete, or any of the untrue information on your credit report, and then add a few trade lines.

Do you know? Whether that’s from a friend or family, or whether we can help you out with that, but my recommendation is doing it the right way.

Maybe you get a few secure cards, maybe you start removing a few of the negative items that aren’t supposed to be there, and then adding a few secure cards to build it up.

I’ve got a list of primaries. If you guys are interested in any primary accounts, I’ve got probably a list of 10 accounts that are very, very reliable.

The Online Jewelry Club, the New Coast Direct, the Hutton Chase.

I can give you discounts on all of those.

Just go ahead and post comments below that you are interested in getting a copy of those, so that way you could start building up your regular credit.

Again, even if you have a few negative accounts on your real credit, adding a few trade lines and pushing some of that negative down certainly helps.

If you had all negative, okay, and putting a few positives on, it’s going to really help you because it’s going to start pushing those down, so that’s going to help you look a little bit better.

If I can help you in any way, shape, or form, please comment below that you want the list of the primaries.

Until tomorrow, take care.

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