Top 7 Credit Cards To Get If You Have Bad Credit

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So, today I’m going to give you my top seven things that should do and cards that you can get that are unsecured credit cards. Unsecured credit cards, only one of which you would have to put down something to get. The rest are instant approval credit cards for people who are not just in the best spot with their credit.

So, if we got bad credit, horrible credit, maybe you just went through a bankruptcy chapter 13, maybe you went through a chapter 7.

Maybe you just got bad credit.

Maybe your luck is down, you’re like, “Man, I got bad credit. I’m at a 500.”

Maybe you’re at a 500 credit score, but you need some help, okay?

Today, I’m going to give you my top seven things that you should do and cards that you can get that are unsecured credit cards.

Unsecured credit cards. Only one of which you would have to put down something to get. The rest are instant approval credit cards for people who are not just in the best spot with their credit.

I do a lot of videos on how to improve your credit, but if you guys want to improve, and you’re like, “Hey, where do I start? How do I rebuild? Where do I even go?”

Number one: Horizon Gold.

So, Horizon Gold credit card.

Now, some of the ones I’m going to give you are merchandise, and some of the ones I’m giving you are actually like Visa/MasterCard.

You can use them anywhere. Now, are these credit cards going to be a higher interest rate?

Of course, they are, right?

You’re not going to get a 9% interest rate on a credit card with the ones that I’m going to give you.

But the good news is, you got to start somewhere. And the key to credit is building primaries.

If you got more primaries on your account, the better you’re going to be.

So, Horizon Gold is a great start.

They are going to give you instant approval.

The next one on my list is going to be the Indigo MasterCard.

Indigo MasterCard. Another very subprime credit card that you guys can get.

Again, don’t expect a $10,000 limit.

I’m going to be really upfront. You’re not going to get $5,000. You’re not going to get a $10,000 credit limit.

You’re going to be a couple hundred, okay?

Some of them might even give you up to a thousand. But they’re unsecured, and you guys got bad credit.

So, we got to do something, right?

We got to get out of our whole and credit starts today not tomorrow.

Number three that we’re going to talk about is a company called Milestone.

So, if you need to go back to this video 50 times, go back to check out the ones that I’m telling you.

Apply, apply, apply.

They’re instant approvals.

Yeah, you’re going to get inquiries, and I’m going to show you a way in here in a second to eliminate inquiries on your credit report.

Let’s talk about number four.

Number four is the Total Visa.

Total Visa is a Visa card.

And so, you can do the MasterCard, Indigo Master, or you can do a Total Visa.

These are again, subprime cards, bad credit.

But it’s putting a primary on your account, individual account, maybe you went through a bankruptcy, whatever the case is, and you’re trying to rebuild.

Great options for rebuilding. Going right into Fingerhut.

Now, I know you guys have heard about Fingerhut. A lot of people have heard about it. It’s a merchandise card.

They’re going to give you a credit line, so you can use for merchandise.

But again, primary account, building credit. Starting fresh again, okay?

So, the other one I’m sure everybody’s heard about this is the online jewelry club, okay? AKA My Jewelers Club.

But the online jewelry club is a $5,000 primary account. It is a merchandise card. It’s not a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

But you can use it for merchandise, for jewelry.

I believe that the down payment is only like $100 and it’s going to put a $5,000 primary account on your report that will report to all three credit bureaus.

Now, I will put the link below for My Jewelers Club, online jewelry club, wink wink, that will be below, okay?

So, you guys will click on that link, get set up, $5,000 primary account for you.

Now, the other thing you can do is you can always get a secured card.

Whether from your local credit union or the bank that you bank with. Tell them, “Look, I want to get a secured credit card.”

This is usually like the building block of building credit back up.

Get a secured credit card, put a couple of hundred bucks down.

Again, you’re going to have to put a little bit of money into it to get the secured card, but hey, make enough payments and I believe it’s usually 12 and then they will take that secured card and then turn it into unsecured.

So, you go from secured to unsecured, boom. After making 12 payments, right?

So, a great way of building history.

History is the holy grail of credit. Trump’s credit limits hands down.

I say this all the time, but I would rather have a $1,000 credit limit with 20 years old rather than a $20,000 with one year old, okay?

So, history is the foundation of your credit, okay?

So, wanted to share that with you guys.

Now also, I want to give you guys, because of a lot of people like loans as well.

So, where do we go if we want a loan and we had bad, bad credit and we wanted to get started, okay?

So, where we would go is build internet wealth,, build internet wealth, forward slash cashusa.

That is for loans with bad credit.

Now again, they’re not going to give you a $20,000 loan.

Don’t walk in there … I got people texting me and calling me, “Hey, I’m ready to get a million-dollar line of credit.” I say, “What’s your score?” They say, “513.” You know, I mean, we have to have realistic expectations for credit.

And another thing is this, very important.

How do we prevent inquiries?

How do we remove inquires?

Well, how you remove inquiries when you have bad credit is very simple.

You don’t apply for certain cards.

A lot of clients come to me and say, “Man, you know, I tried to apply for this and this and this and this, I keep getting denied. What’s going on?”

You guys have to understand that there is criteria behind each credit card, okay?

There’s a human that actually put this in place. It’s not a machine, right?

Even though when you apply for a credit card, 99% of the time, it’s a machine that actually spits out approval or denial.

But there’s actually somebody that had to put and hand put the criteria in that says approved or denied, right?

So, what is the criteria?

Now, you need to know that Discover, Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, American Express, to save inquiries guys, don’t apply for those credit cards.

Again, clients are coming to us saying, say why are they getting denied? I’m like, “What’s your score?” They’re like, “537.”

Why would you apply for an American Express Platinum Black card?

Why would you apply for a Bank of America rewards card?

Why would you apply for a Barclays Ring card?

Why would you apply for a Chase Freedom card with a 537 credit score?

Look, I understand it’s exciting and you’re like, “I just want to … I’ll just try it.” But you end up putting inquiries on your credit report that are unnecessary.

I’m going to save you the inquiries, and this is the easiest way to remove inquiries from your credit report.

Don’t apply for those cards, okay?

Secret lenders list.

Guys, with your purchase here, secret lenders list, I’ll give you.

Tells you what credit bureau they pull from, it tells you the score you need, and it tells you the approximate credit limit that you should expect.

It’s called our secret lenders list.

With any purchase you guys do, I’ll throw it in for you.

So, that way I help you out.

Also, to build credit, right, you have to think about this, primaries are great, right?

But any of those primaries that I just gave you, the one thing that is missing is what?

Post comments below, what is missing on every one of those primaries?

What is missing from every one of those primaries I just mentioned?

From Horizon to Indigo to Total Visa to Milestone … those credit cards are missing age.

So, another great way to put the fast track on your credit is to have a family member with great credit who is willing to add you as an authorized user, an AU.

And what that means is, you can ask Uncle Sam, right? “Uncle Sam, would you add me to your Discover card?

Yeah, I know you got five years of perfect payment history. Would you mind putting me on as an authorized user?”

Now, Sam has to have a good card I great standings. Sam has to have a card that reports to credit bureaus, never missed a payment ever, okay?

And is willing to add you as an authorized user.

So, make sure that you’re in cahoots with Sam, okay?

And so, that being said, if you have a family member that fits that criteria, ask them. Say, “Hey, help me out.”

What’s going to happen is, it’s going to copy and paste Sam’s information, his credit limit and his age, perfect payment history, onto your credit report.

Now, what I said before is those credit cards, they don’t have age.

Every one of the ones I mentioned for my top picks for people looking for credit cards with bad credit, it is missing age.

It’s going to report as month number one.

With an AU, you can put up to as many years as you want, right?

So, if Sam has three years of age, Sam adds you to his card, and boom. Bada bing bada boom, guess what?

You have three years of age now, okay?

That’s the way the power of the authorized user.

In order to … remember I told you the holy grail of your credit.

Yep, great to have all these primaries, but now your overall age is going to be very, very limited, a few months of average age if that.

So what you can do is actually get these primaries and then put a few aged AUs on your account.

Now, you’ve got an overall age, you’ve got an average age that’s really good.

And now you’re cooking.

Now you got three, four, five primaries on, you got two AUs with age.

Boom, you’re out man. You’re looking really, really strong in a very short period of time.

A very short period of time. We’re talking months not years.

If you guys need help and Uncle Sam ain’t going to add you, that’s what we do.

We do that at Wholesale Tradelines, okay?

Number one in the industry. Number one in the world for a reason.

Our clients love what we do. We help them out. If you need help at all with age Tradelines, guys, we got you, okay?

So, we have vetted over 500 cardholders to make sure they have perfect payment history, never missed any payments, their utilization … by the way, make sure that Uncle Sam’s utilization is under 10% because if he has a maxed-out card, you’re going to be maxed out when it copies onto your credit report.

But we have done all the verifying and all the checking and all the vetting for you.

If you need our help, please let me know and post to the comments below, “I need help.”

And we’ll have one of the guys reach out to you and take care of you.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

And until tomorrow, my name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines.

Take care.

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