Top 3 Primaries for 2019

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Today we’re going to talk about something extremely powerful, what are the top 3 primaries for 2019? I’m going to break down the benefits of having this account on your profile. A lot of clients that are asking us things like, “How beneficial is having a primary account on my credit report?” This is not a question whether or not you need a primary account or want a primary account. It is absolutely like taking your last breath. That is how important to have a primary account on your credit report is. Let’s think about this for a second.

Video Transcript: You go through credit repair, whether you repair your own credit or you have a company repair your credit.

Now they’ve removed a lot of the negative, erroneous, obsolete, incorrect information off your credit report.

So now you didn’t have any positive history things you are paying on time.

Maybe you did, but what if you didn’t?

What if you got removed all the negative stuff and now you’re left with nothing positive on your credit report?

What’s going to happen is, the credit bureaus aren’t actually able to give you a score, because there’s nothing to score.

In fact, there are no negatives, there are no inquiries, and there are no positive trade lines.

So looking at it like this, there are two ways to look at your credit report:

a) you’ve got a primary account which will list as an individual

b) the authorized user.

So how really important is this?

Well, let’s say that we’ve cleaned off someone’s credit and now they’ve got no negatives left and we put on a few trade lines, authorized users onto their account.

Banks are smart, these games guys.

So you’re going to the bank to go get funding or apply for a credit card and all they see is authorized users.

So what’s going to happen here?

Especially if you’re having an underwriter look at your file, they’re going to be able to sense that somebody added you as an authorized user.

It’s not showing that you’ve been making payments, it’s not showing that you’ve established any of your accounts yourself, which would be the primary account.

So primaries, you’re the ones that you establish yourself and the authorized users are the ones that people add you to.

From a primary standpoint, you can’t add age from an authorized user standpoint, you can go back as far as you want.

So if you called me and said, “Hey, I need a 10,000 credit limit that goes back 10 years,” we could help you.

With a primary account, it’s going to report as a brand new account.

However, the algorithm when you go to get funding, whether that is a credit card or getting a car, getting a new house or you know, even opening a bank account, a lot of these places want to see an individual account.

So today what I’ve done is created the top three accounts that we have vetted, screened over the last few years to make sure that they’re actually reporting and it’s a company that’s going to be around for a while.

So I’m going to start with my number three choice.

And that comes in at Ox Publishing, Ox Publishing will put a primary on your account.

There is a small fee for joining Ox Publishing.

But it is going to report as a primary line on your credit report.

Again, remember I told you it’s like oxygen.

You can’t just have authorized users on your account.

You’re not going to get funding.

Yeah, you may get an apartment because it’s score based.

Yeah, you may get something like a secured credit card, something small.

But to get funding, real funding, credit cards or you know, to buy a house or maybe to get a good car, you’re going to need primary accounts.

So coming in at number three is going to be Ox Publishing.

I’m going to post the links below so you guys can get on them.

Now, I’m going to give you the perfect blend as well, but let’s go right into number two.

Number two is Hutton Chase.

This can put a primary owner account anywhere between $2500 and $5000 credit limit.

That’s what it will report on your credit report as if it was you because you are actually applying for it.

They will give you a credit line up to $5000 and it will show as an individual account on your credit report.

And number one comes in at online Jewelers Club.

It is a $5000 primary account that will show as an individual account on your credit report showing that you applied for it, with a small balance, reports to all three credit bureaus.

Very, very effective line.

It’s been around for many, many years and people are getting great results.

Now, remember what I promised you.

I promised you that I would give you the perfect blend.

Because you can’t just have a primary on there without any age, right?

So suppose you’re going through credit repair and we help you remove everything.

Or maybe you did it yourself. You can’t just put on two primary accounts and then go get funding as well because then you don’t have any age.

Because the primaries are going to report as a brand new account, month number one, they don’t have any age on them.

So you need to supplement by having the trade lines, the AUs that have the age as well.

Now, important is this, three AUs, two primaries, phenomenal file.

What we have found out with our clients that are doing three good AUs something like a silver or gold package that we offer, and then grabbing two of the primaries that I’ve mentioned.

Maybe you do a My Jewelers Club, and maybe you do a Hutton Chase.

Or maybe you do a My Jewelers Club and you do an Ox Publishing.

You would have a total of five accounts, three AUs, two primaries, the golden Holy Grail file.

Why is this good? Because it shows that you’ve gotten two accounts yourself.

You’ve got high credit limits on your authorized users and you’ve got your age there.

The file is set up the correct way to go out and start getting funding.

Maybe you’re trying to get a couple of credit cards on your own.

This would be a perfect file.

Maybe you’re trying to buy your first house.

This would be a perfect file.

Obviously the more accounts, the more strength that you have.

However, what we have found over the last five years is that at least five accounts broken up, three AUs, two primaries, seems to be doing extremely well.

That being said, I’m going to post a link for each one of the primaries below.

You will see one for the Ox Publishing, You’ll see one for the Hutton Chase, and you will see one for the online jewelry Club.

Collect those links.

I would suggest getting two primaries and the three AU package.

Now, people are asking, should I get the AU package first?

The answer is yes.

Get the AUs on there and as they are reporting, you can apply for the two primaries.

Hope this helps.

Thank you guys for watching The Credit Game.

I look forward to helping you and serve you in any way I can.

Until the next chapter. Take care.

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