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Top 3 Credit Cards for Bad Credit – #3 Will SHOCK You!

Do you ever wonder how you can get a credit card to help you build your credit, but your score is under 700? I got you covered. Below you will find the 3 easiest credit cards to get approved for with the worst credit; cards that will boost your credit most immediately.



When your credit score is low (under 650) you experience many challenges with meeting credit score thresholds for underwriting which often times will automatically disqualify you. Low credit scores mean that you cannot simply go to Barclay’s Bank and get an unsecured credit card. You have to build and work your way up. Of course, there are shortcuts you can take if you educate yourself and read my tips, and work with my company.



There are companies whose sole purpose is to provide credit cards to individuals with low credit scores. Because those companies are taking a huge risk by doing this, the credit limits are lower and the fees are hefty. None the less, it is a tool for building your credit foundation and boosting your credit score if you play your cards right. Your options are extremely limited so you will have to go the secured card route most times. My top 3 picks are below.




1) Credit Card Builder >>More Info Here<<
2) Self Lender >>More Info Here<<
3) Online jewelry club >>More Info Here<<






#3 is shocking because most people know about it and don’t buy it, and it’s still around and working! It’s so cheap too. It’s an online store card that reports a $5,000 line of credit. You just buy about $150 worth of stuff from their online site. Repay that back responsibly and you will have a solid tradeline on your credit report for a low cost. Yes it’s legit, they will even refund you if you don’t get approved!



A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you have at least 3 OPEN, POSITIVE tradelines on your credit report. Authorized user tradelines are very helpful as well. We have an extensive list of Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines >>HERE<<.



The most powerful credit reports include a blend of primary tradelines which is what all three of these credit cards above are considered. If you don’t have 3, I would go ahead and try to get ALL of these listed above.



Aged primary tradelines only exist where the reporting is factual and there are certain companies like Rent Reporters that will first confirm, then report up to two years of backdated payment history to the credit bureaus for you, for a small fee. This is not a credit card but it is considered a primary tradeline. You just have to make sure that you are paying your rent on time each month because they do confirm with your landlord. You didn’t think they would report false information did you?


That is the impression many clients have that come to us. What I have seen over and over again is people searching for and spending thousands of dollars on the black market for primary tradelines. Don’t be that person. I put together a list of reliable primary tradelines that you can get for a low price here >>Primary Tradeline List<<.

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  • Hervens Laventure


    The primary Tradelines you’re recommending, do they pull a hard or soft inquiry on the report?

    March 10, 2019 at 6:39 pm
    • Val Singles (Author)


      Hey Hervens thanks for your message. So sorry for the delay, I am just now seeing this. I didnt get a notification for some reason. Yes some of the primary tradelines do a hard inquiry, like ones that are offering you a line of credit. Certain ones do not. If you check their website in the FAQ section, it will shed more light on it but yes great question. Each one is different 🙂 xoxo – Val

      March 20, 2019 at 8:57 am

P.S. What burning questions do you have for me? xoxo -Val