The Number One Thing Holding You Back From Your Credit and Success

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The number one thing holding you back from your credit and success is your environment.

My son was very sick, he was in daycare and just recently he got really sick.

He was coughing real bad.

Went to the doctors and the doctor said that he had strep throat and because of the people that I surround myself with every day, it got to me and now I’m coughing really bad and can’t breathe.

And I asked the doc should he be on medication?

And he said that he would need a, whatever the thing is called, where they can breathe and they’d have the thing going up his nose and they got him on an antibiotic.

But my point is this, there’s one thing that I always teach you guys.

I’ve been studying psychology and credit for the better part of 10 years.

And you know as I come to you and share my life with you, I always share if you want better credit, there are a few things I’m always talking about, but I have found something that I believe to be the number one barrier that is holding each and every one of you guys back.

Now, you know that I talk about the psychology of things and how things work.

And that’s what intrigues me every day is how does credit work?

How is it that some people have great credit and some people have horrible credit?

How is it that some people can make millions and some people can’t make 8,000? How is that?

Why and what separates the two people?

So I have told you that taking action is very important, right?

You could have the mental, you could say, “I want an 800 score. I want it. I want it, I want it.” Tony Robbins teaches this.

The psychology of things. You go to the garden and you pull out the weeds and that’s taking action, but you can’t just stand over and shout over the weeds and say, “Please weeds go away, please…” and continue to think and believe it without actually taking action.

My thing about it is this.

I have found the one barrier in my life and the one barrier in my client’s lives that is holding them back from credit and financial success.

It’s not taking action. It’s not mental, it’s not the dedication.

It’s not every day thinking about your credit.

It is your environment.

The one thing that will hold you back from being successful and having great credit is your environment.

The lesson I’m teaching is this. My son was very sick.

The people that I hang around the most with, the people that I spend the most time with have infected the air.

And what it has caused me to be able to get the sickness because of the environment that was around me.

If you guys want to be more successful and you want better credit, you’ve got to change the environment.

The five people that you hang around the most.

Did you ever hear this quote that you are the sum of the five people you hang out with?

If you hang out with five bombs, do you think you’re going to be a multimillionaire?

If you hang out with five people that have strep throat do you think that you will not get sick?

If you hang out with five people that have an 800 plus credit score, do you think it’s possible that you would have a 500?

You adapt to the environment of the people that you surround yourself with and the one thing that has kept you back is you have not changed your environment.

Now you’re going to say this and I’m going to get some comments on this, but I’m going to tell you something.

If it’s your family that’s holding you back successfully, and maybe they didn’t have the financial literacy, maybe they didn’t have great credit.

Maybe it’s your mom, maybe it’s your dad, maybe it’s your brother, maybe it’s your sister.

Maybe it’s a family friend. Maybe it’s an acquaintance.

Maybe it’s a coworker.

Who are you surrounding yourself with the most every day?

Look at the five people, okay? Stop this video if you need to.

And think about the five people that you hang out with the most every single day and ask yourself, are the number one very successful?

And number two, how is their credit?

And I can tell you this, the surrounding of the people that you hang around with is going to be the outcome of your life.

It has been scientifically proven so many times, and I talk a lot about the mental side and I talk about taking action, but I’m going to tell you that the one barrier that you need to change, I don’t want to hear I can’t change.

I don’t want to hear I’m in an area where do I have to move Mike?


Do I have to stop hanging out with the family members?

Yes. Okay. You can love family among members from a distance.

You can have friends from a distance.

The problem is if you hang out with these people too much, they are going to infect your environment.

The sick will make you sick.

The people who don’t care about money will infect you mentally and you won’t care about it.

The people who don’t care about their credit, who don’t pay bills on time and who miss payments and could care less about a credit score.

Do you want to hang out with these people every day?

You need to make a choice today to get yourself out of the environment that is holding you back financially and your credit and there are a few things you can do.

Number one is you got to find out who the people are.

If they have financial literacy or credit experience, that is somebody that I want to talk to.

Maybe you have to ask them, “What’s your credit score?” Maybe you need to ask them how they’re doing financially.

But you need to find out who these people are.

Oh my God, I don’t want to lose my friend.

He’s been my friend for 25 years.

If you’re going to hang out with somebody with a poor mentality, a poor mind, looking at their credit once a year because they don’t care because they’re not financing anything.

They’re not leveraging credit.

They don’t care about getting into the apartment, new house.

They don’t care about credit cards. They pay for cash for everything.

They just have a poor poverty mindset, then sure, absolutely.

Continue to hang out with that person.

But what I implore you to do is make a list of the five people that you normally surround with.

Maybe it’s your wife, maybe it’s your husband and this person you ever see these words like pulling apart.

One husband going this way in his career and his finances and his credit and the wife is literally pulling him down because they’re not on the same page.

This happens all the time. In psychology, and I used to be a marriage counselor many years ago.

Husband is on one-page wife’s on a different page and they’re really just pulling apart like two magnets flipped upside down trying to push on a … I mean, that is what you don’t want your life, the both of you guys need to be on the same page with the same goals and the same outcome.

So sit down if it’s a partner or your significant other and get on the same page with credit and finances, because when you’re both on the same page and support each other, you’re going to be a much better chance of actually succeeding.

Stay away from people that are infected.

Separate yourself from those and focus on, instead of saying, I can’t do something, go read a book on credit.

Watch my videos every day. Do things instead of saying, I can’t, and say I’m going to do these things because it’s my life and I want to change it.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike, and until tomorrow, take care.

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