The 10 States with the WORST Credit… Is yours on it?

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Credit scores are making a comeback! However there is still a pecking order and someone has to be at the bottom of the list.


Below are the 10 states with the WORST credit scores (according to a report released by Experian for 2017 as 2018 is not over yet).



#1. Mississippi (worst on the list)


#2. Louisiana


#3. Georgia


#4. Alabama


#5. Nevada


#6. Texas


#7. Oklahoma


#8. South Carolina


#9. Arkansas


#10. West Virginia


Are you wondering which states have the BEST credit? I sure am. I got you covered…


#1. Minnesota (best credit scores in the entire U.S.)


#2. Vermont


#3. New Hampshire


#4. South Dakota


#5. Massachusetts


#6. North Dakota


#7. Wisconsin


#8. Iowa


#9. Nebraska


#10. Hawaii


How does your state stack up? Is your’s on the list?


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Written by Val Singles

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