Should you LEGALLY CHEAT your credit score?

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#1. Is your credit score is under 700?


#2. Do you have collections on your credit report?


#3. Is your credit utilization is over 25%?


#4. Do you have more than 6 credit inquiries?


#5. Do you have at least 3 open, positive revolving accounts on your credit report?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then YES there is a way you can modify the credit scoring algorithm to your advantage.



Why do this?


#1. To get more approvals (apartment/home/car/credit cards/whatever you like)


#2. To save money on interest rates (which means lower monthly payments)


#3. To get higher credit limits


#4. To lower auto and homeowners insurance rates


Are you ready to take charge of your credit score and work with a phenomenal company that will EXPEDITE your path to credit success within weeks?


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