Pt.2 Tradelines and Credit Repair Services (What Happens Next?)

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This is going to be part two. This is from the admin side, reaching out to you and really the expectations of after you place an order with us.

So that being said, let me first and foremost say thank you guys, each and every one of you guys who really have taken the time to not only step your credit up but have decided to use us at Wholesale Tradelines as your platform to build your credit.

So these people that I’m speaking to here that are watching this video are going to be the people that really need to know what’s going on, what are the next steps, what to expect so you’re not left in the dark.

So I’m going to read a few of the next steps.

Pay close attention so you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

So first and foremost, you can always contact our company.

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM okay. And that’s at 9045 156 698 okay.

Now the important thing is this. We have a sales division and we have our admin department.

For any orders that are brand new, you guys are saying, “Look, I want to start my inquiry removal.” “I’m ready for an elite credit repair.” “I’m ready to buy a Tradeline package.”

Whatever the case is, just rest assured to call the sales floor.

Okay, so you would push option 1 904-515-6698, push option 1.

If it’s about a previous order, you have a question about an address, you have a question on how to find out what your statement date is, what is the credit limit of the card I ordered?

What is the age of … whatever the case is that’s going to be admin.

So please don’t contact the sales division for questions if you’ve already placed.

That’s going to be (904) 515-6698 and then you’re going to push option 0.

Now here’s the deal. We will validate your information if we have any issues.

Our company is Wholesale Tradelines, so you know what to look for.

What’s going to happen?

We want you to be responsive. The more responsive you are to your email and your text from our company, the quicker the process is going to get moving along.

Now, if you ordered a tradeline, this is very important, so please pay attention.

If you’ve ordered a tradeline and for whatever reason the tradeline becomes unavailable, maybe the card got shut down because we’ve added too many people.

Maybe it is sold out because I’ve got 10 people in the sales force selling these lines and at the time it was available, but then five slots got sold, right? It can happen.

Whatever the case is for whatever reason, sometimes banks just say, “You know what? We’ve had enough. No more AU’s Okay?

In the event that happens, we will replace the line with something equal or greater value without notice.

When I say without notice, what I mean by that is we’re not going to call you and say, “Can we do this?” We’re going to pick something of equal or greater value.

We are very, very busy. We do not have the manpower to reach out to every person that we need to replace.

So we just make sure we pick a better line for you.

We make sure we pick a line that’s closing out as fast as possible so you don’t lose any more time.

Now, if you’ve ordered credit repair service, the biggest delay in credit services is right here.

The documents that we need on your credit report are very, very clear.

What I mean by that is I need three documents depending on the service you’re getting; a clear copy of driver’s license, all four corners need to be shown.

I would take a picture of my driver’s license sitting on the floor, go over the top of it for about a foot, take a picture, make sure all four corners are showing.

I would do that for my driver’s license.

I would do a clear picture all for corners shown of social security card and a piece of mail over the top on something flat with your phone, take the picture and make sure all four corners are showing.

More importantly what stops 99% of the people that we have to reach out to for, because we’re not going to wait for you, we’re going to reach out to you is, the credit monitoring service.

So what I need you guys to do is I need you to set up or CreditCheck Total.

That is going to be for our elite credit repair. Elite credit repair, we need three-bureau credit report or CreditCheck Total.

Both of those are Experian-based.

If you’re doing inquiry removal or the Standard Credit Repair, I need Privacy Guard. The reason we need these two different is that it meshes different from the software that we’re using.

So that’s going to be far standard card repair and for our inquiry removal,, CreditCheck Total.

That will be for the expedited, which is called our elite credit repair.

Now let’s move right on to number five.

Basically, if you ordered tradelines, we’re going to email you information.

It’s going to take about five business days.

Do not fret guys, we’re still working behind the scenes.

We got people contacting us, “Hey, it’s been 24 hours. I haven’t heard anything.” Rest assured that our team is very busy. We are processing.

Everything is going through processing behind the scenes to make sure that your tradelines get added, but we will reach out to you within that five day period by sending you an email, from

So be on the lookout for

That is the email that is the most important because that is going to tell you this next step that you need to do for your tradeline.

Now if you guys find that your tradeline has reported closed or the utilization is high for whatever reason, that is our replacement right away.

Contact customer service at 904-5156698.

Let them know what happened and I will immediately make sure that you get the exchange tradeline for that.

Our cardholders are instructed to keep their utilization under 30%, no missed payments ever.

We have vetted and screened hundreds of people.

If that happens by chance where the utilization is high, please let us know right away and I will exchange your line for you.

Just also know, a hard inquiry can be put onto your credit report.

Ninety-five percent of our tradelines or higher require us to merge the cardholder’s address on to your credit report.

So that is going to require an inquiry.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Some of the lines don’t require it, very few, but that inquiry needs to be put on there so we can make the post seamlessly for you.

So if you see something typically, maybe comes in from Amex or Home Depot or BMW, just know that is our company that is putting that on there.

It merges the cardholders address and it’s a seamless posting.

Number eight, this is very important, 99% of the cards that you select, Tradeline or Tradeline packages is going to require you to update your address.

So here’s the protocol.

We’re going to send you your email, remember within five business days, you’re going to get this email from

You’re going to get your email.

Inside that email, it’s going to have a few steps.

It’s going to tell you more than likely to change your address and your credit monitoring service.

What that means is, we are inputting the cardholders address onto your credit report because a lot of the companies now are not taking the social.

Let me give you a little bit of background here.

When we go to add you, a lot of the companies don’t take the social security number.

So they ask us for the day and they ask us for the date of birth.

Now there’s a million and a half John Smiths in the world.

How would that tradeline know where to go?

So there’s three elements; social security number, driver’s license, and your date of birth.

Now, when they don’t ask for the social, the only other way that we can merge that tradeline to you is, by inputting card holder’s address onto your credit report.

By doing that, it pulls the line through because they’re not asking for the social.

That being said, we’re going to send you an email that has the card holder’s address on it. Very simple procedure. It’s going to say, “Hey, we need you to change your credit monitoring service to the address listed here.”

Now, I don’t want you to wait.

I want you to immediately go into any credit monitoring service you have.

You cannot do this with Credit Karma because it won’t let you change address anymore.

but any Experian-based, CreditCheck Total or, PrivacyGuard, all those will let you change the address, meaning go up to profile and where you normally have, you’ll see the regular address that you put in when you set up your credit monitor, you’re just going to change it to the address that we sent you from

When you do that, you’re going to make sure it is perfect.

Every digit, every letter has to be perfect.

If it is perfect, hit Save. It will update your address in the system.

After Tradelines reports, I don’t care if you want to keep the address there or you want to change it back to your regular address.

This will not affect you in any way, shape, or form with any type of funding.

That is just strictly to pull the line through.

So now if you have any questions about an existing order, please, please, please do not call our sales team.

I’ve got people out there a full time like I said, 9:00 o’clock in the morning until 7:00 PM they’re on the phones.

There are eight or nine salespeople that do not get off the phones.

Okay, so if you got a question about an existing order, just contact our support team.

It’s going to be 904-5156698 push option 0.

Now here’s the most important part.

The most important part is how effective you are when you have a question about a previous order.

If you don’t leave a message, I can assure you that it probably won’t get answered.

It’s going to get pushed down.

So when you’re calling support and you’re pushing option 0, “Hey, here’s the situation.

I’m asking about tradeline hours.” “Hey, maybe my tradeline didn’t post.” “Hey, maybe I’m looking for the correct address. When should this post?

What is the statement date? What is the credit limit?

What is age? How many lines did I order?” Whatever the questions are, that’s what our support team is for.

I can’t have my guys on the sales fore helping out with those questions.

Not only, but it’s also not that we don’t want to, it’s just that we don’t even have the capability in our software and our computers to be able to do that for you at that time.

That’s why I’ve got a support team to help you with all your questions regarding questions on previous orders.

Now on a sale, guys, if you have a question, “Hey, I’m looking to purchase a tradeline.

I’m looking to purchase a Tradeline package.

I’m looking to get into your broker program.

Hey, I would love to have inquiry removal. Hey, I’m looking for an elite credit repair.”

That’s what you call us all on a sales fore for.

That’s 904-5156698, but you’re going to push option 1.

That’s going to go right to our sales force.

Now, 450 calls come in today.

I can also rest assure you if you are not being effective in your communication on your voicemail, guy, do not call in looking for services and then hang up the phone without leaving a voicemail.

It is going to get pushed down faster than even Support.

Four hundred and fifty calls come in.

I’ve only got eight guys out there.

We are expanding so fast, but literally the phone calls nonstop. That means to be effective.

Guys, you want services?

Hey, my name is John Smith.

I’m looking to get a tradeline package.

Hey, I would love to be part of your broker program so I can get 50% off for life on Tradeline and tradeline packages.

Hey, I’m interested in getting … Today, I’m looking to get an inquiry removal.

Hey, I would love to get an elite credit repair, ready to get started right away.

The more effective you are, I can promise you on your voicemail it is going to get returned faster.

But hanging up? Chances of that call being ever answered are very, very unlikely.

So my point is, be effective whether it’s through customer service or through sales, be effective to what you’re trying to get.

Now here’s the deal.

If you submit the incorrect information to us, social security card, social security number, the name is not correct, maybe the date of birth is not, this can cause a tradeline not to post.

Everything has to be perfect from date of birth to name, to social security number.

So we have a lot of people that may be misplaced …

They’re typing it in and they put the wrong digit or a wrong number, this is going to cause the tradeline not to report.

It is data. It has to be exact.

Now, if you mess up on your end and you fill it out incorrectly, this does not qualify for a refund, right?

Because you know your social and you know your date of birth.

If you type it in and didn’t triple check, that’s going to be on you guys.

If a tradeline doesn’t post in 60 days, we will then change out the line for something that’s posting ASAP.

We’ll then change out the line that is something that is posting ASAP for you, and or you will get store credit.

But just rest assured, guys, sit back, relax.

Seven years it takes you guys to mess up credit and we got people that within the seventh day they’re calling, “Hey, what’s going on?

I need an update.” It’s just human behavior. I get it. It’s exciting for a chance.

You’ve found a company that’s actually going to support you and help you through your credit needs and you’re really excited about really getting the process.

And we are as well, but patience, patience, patience is what I’ve always been taught.

Just rest assured it is being worked on.

So thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

It means a lot to me that each and every one of you guys has decided to use us as your home for your credit repair, your inquiry removal, your tradelines, your broker programs.

And I can’t thank you enough for supporting us and being part of our team.

So, and until tomorrow, this is part two so you know exactly what to do after purchasing a tradeline or our services.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike and until tomorrow, take care.

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