Pt.1 Tradelines and Credit Repair Services (What Happens Next?)

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Today I want to make sure that I go over a few tips and a few things as far as what happens after you make your payment and become a customer of ours. I’m going to read a few of the next steps, so you really kind of get an understanding.

We have some clients saying they don’t know what’s going on, they haven’t heard from us, but rest assured, everything is in place.

Everything is happening behind the scenes. So I do this video to really share with you in-depth the sequence in which the next process happens.

So first, you can always contact our company; that’s (904) 515-6698, and then just push Sales.

If you’re looking for admin, then you would push zero.

If by chance one of our admin is on the phone, obviously leave a message, because we have so many calls coming in, and we are overstaffing currently for that position. Just make sure you leave your phone number so that one of our guys or gals can reach back out to you with a voicemail that is very descriptive of what you are looking for.

I’m going to move right on. You must fill out an order form if you have not already.

What I mean by that is our service is not going to start until two things happen: payment and order form. We need both. We can’t just start with payment and we can’t just start with order forms.

Once both of those are submitted, we can go ahead and start the process.

Now, if you guys already made an order form, and you went through with the order form and you went through your payment, then just keep reading.

Other than that, stop there and make sure you get both of those things in.

Number three, once you pay your order, this is the process.

Your order gets sent over to our admin team. And that’s where we’re going to go in for processing.

They are going to contact you. This is very, very important, this part right here.

They are going to contact you surrounding your order. A couple of things happen here.

Do not delay the order or ignore admin when they text you and when they email you; they are looking for information.

Also, our admin team will contact you if they need any kind of any additional information at all.

Maybe you didn’t put a credit monitoring in. Maybe you forgot that you need to put your driver’s license in.

Whatever the case is, they’re going to reach out to you to make sure that we have all the docs so we can process your order.

So don’t ignore your email.

That is our main way of contacting you. We heavily communicate by email.

Make sure you’re checking your email. The one that you put on your order form is the email that we need.

That’s where we’re going to reach out to you from. And also check your spam, because sometimes it can go into your spam. It just happens. It’s just the spam filters pick it up.

So check your email from Wholesale Tradelines, and also from support; you will see the emails.

Now, the timeframe in which we will reach out to you is very important.

Within a week, within a week, just know that we are working. Do not fret. “I haven’t heard from somebody in 24 hours.” Don’t fret guys, we are working behind the scenes and getting everything processed, and if we send you an email or a text, it’s going to be within one week, so just be on the lookout.

Everything is in the process of being worked.

That being said, the email that you want to look for is called

That is where we’re going to be reaching out to you from, so be on the lookout for that exact email.

All right, now as far as … If you have any questions, any existing orders, please do not call the sales floor.

The sales floor cannot help you with any orders that have been already placed.

We are on the sales floor to produce new income for new orders.

We just don’t have the capability on the sales floor to look into your order in the timeframe and to be able to check on your order.

That is why we have our customer and client support team.

That is what they do day in and day out. That’s why I’ve got that staff.

So if you have questions on a previous order, that’s going to be the (904) 515-6698, and then make sure you hit option zero.

If you call the sales team and you say, “Hey, I’ve got a question about my order,” they are going to transfer you anyway so you might as well just hit zero, leave a voicemail if they’re on the phone, detailed, and they will get right back to you.

That’s why it says here, do not contact your sales rep for existing orders.

You’re going to be guided to a support ticket, which is the same thing that support is going to do anyway.

They want to make sure everything is in a consolidated place.

The support ticket’s going to have your name, it’s going to have your order number, and it’s going to have the reason and your question.

Maybe you’re looking for an address for the cardholder. Maybe you want to know when the line is going to post. Maybe you want to know your statement date. Whatever.

You want to know the credit limit, the age. All that can be done by support.

But on our side, the sales division side, we can’t get that information from you.

So please just make sure you contact the (904) 515-6698 and then push option zero.

I’d really appreciate that.

Sit back and relax, guys. You know, we’re here to help you and serve you at Wholesale Tradelines.

We are the largest in the nation for a reason because customer service is first and foremost.

And listen, we are working very hard behind the scenes.

We’ve got a lot of employees to make sure, and we’re continuing to staff so that customer service gets better and better.

I’ve got eight guys out there full time on the floor.

We get about 450 calls a day that come into our sales floor.

With that being said, I’m going to leave you with one more thing.

If you call … I got people on YouTube saying they can’t reach us. And just rest assured, it’s not that we don’t want your business.

We want your business, but you have to understand that if I’ve got eight people and 450 calls coming in, I can only have my guys on the phone as long as humanly possible.

They’re already on the phone from 8:00 o’clock in the morning until 8:00 o’clock at night.

So the easiest way to get … is to be effective. “Hey, I’m calling in for a sale. I want inquiry removal. Hey, I would like to get an elite credit repair. Hey, I’m looking for a Tradeline package.” Great. Call in, make sure you wait till it gets to the voicemail.

The voicemail picks up, leave a very detailed … “Hey, my name is John Smith. I’m looking for a Tradeline Gold package.

Give me a call back at so-and-so-so,” okay? That is an effective call.

But if you call and you don’t leave a voicemail, I can rest assure you that your call is going to get pushed down, and 99% of the time, will not get returned.

Just make sure a very detailed message is in place of exactly what you’re looking for and how we can help you, and I can promise one of my guys will reach right out soon as they get off the phones.

Remember, you can contact our office Monday through Friday. That’s going to be from 9:00 o’clock to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, always at (904) 515-6698.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

I wanted to make sure that I put this video out so you know exactly what the next steps are, you know exactly what’s going on, your expectations are set up front, so when you don’t hear from us in 48 hours, you’re not freaking out that we didn’t do our job.

Within seven days, you’re going to hear from us.

Everything is in processing.

As long as you paid and you got your order form in, you’re good to go.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike, and until tomorrow, take care.

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