Primary Tradelines vs. Authorized User Tradelines

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Need a credit score boost? Add a tradeline! Most people understand that when it comes down to getting the most out of your credit, it’s important to show lenders and credit companies that you have a strong credit history, and having tradelines can do that. That being said, there is a lot of misinformation about tradelines on the internet, and we can to help clear that up.

What is an Authorized User Tradeline?

Authorized user tradelines mean credit card revolving accounts onto which an individual is added as an authorized user. “Tradelines” are the accounts listed in a credit report, such as mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, etc. An “authorized user” is a person which is given access to the account as a user, but who is not responsible for balance. While this is the definition, the term “authorized user tradelines” is best known as a way to enhance your credit report. People can pay to be added as an authorized user for the sole purpose of having the history associated with that account appear on the authorized user’s account. This only works if the account is in good standing, and when they are, they can drastically improve the authorized user’s credit standing.

What is Primary Tradeline?

The term “primary” in primary tradeline is literal. It literally means a line of credit that is yours, primarily. This means, it is not a joint account or an authorized user account. Every line of credit is a primary tradeline for the primary account holder. Auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, these are all lines of credit that are primary for the primary borrower. Authorized user or joint accounts exist when the primary holder of an account lists you as an authorized user or a joint account holder.

This is in contrast to piggybacking off of a seasoned tradeline as an authorized user, where the account history reports on the authorized user’s credit report. Many people thought that “primary” tradelines were “better” than authorized user tradelines. More importantly, they thought you could buy primary lines and add them to credit reports the same way as authorized user lines. Both thoughts are wrong.

So Which is Better?

There is no right or wrong answer here as it depends on your existing credit. Primary tradelines are beneficial to your credit score when you don’t have them in your current report. If you don’t have any credit cards in your name, authorized user tradelines can only go so far to improve your credit. On the other hand, if you have a few credit cards that are young, have low limits, etc., tradelines for sale can help place a longer credit history on your report and decrease your debt to credit ratio. Again, it just depends on what you need.

First Coast Financial Can Help

We offer both primary and authorized user tradelines! We are a company dedicated to improving credit scores through the use of authorized user accounts, primary tradelines, and credit repair services. We pride ourselves on providing a single place for you to change your financial future.  If you are looking for seasoned authorized user accounts or help to get primary tradelines, you’ve come to the right place!

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  1. Thank you for teaching the difference between authorized user tradelines and primary tradelines. I learned about seasoned tradelines too 🙂

  2. Thanks for explaining about tradelines. Now I can also apply for credit score to boost.

    1. Hey George! Thanks for your message. Yes absolutely! What is a good number to reach you on? Please pop on the chat so we can talk!

      Wholesale Tradelines

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