LexisNexis Controls Your Credit Information

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A lot of people are asking me what is LexisNexis? So, I figured I would do a kind of a Q&A to share with you guys what it is, how powerful it is, and what they really know about you.

Video Transcript:

Understanding What LexisNexis Is

It is extremely important for you to know that LexisNexis is a housing company. It is the largest in the world! The way it works is like this; your information from the creditor gets put into let’s say “TransUnion.” TransUnion houses the information because the creditor sends it to them for explaining that “hey, he’s missed a payment.” “He’s got a late payment.” Sometimes all they’ve got is addresses and other times they’ve got phone numbers.

TransUnion will hold that information so when you go to get a loan, a house or a car, they will have that information on you.

Now a lot of times with some of these credit bureaus, they are going to have inaccurate information.

However, LexisNexis my friends is the most accurate credit housing company in the world. It is used by the FBI, the IRS, and debt collecting companies. It is also in cahoots with SBFE (Small Business Financial Exchange) on the business side and personal side of things. They take pride in getting very clear and accurate information about you.

How LexisNexis Works and Why You Need A Report Now

So I’m going to tell you some steps, show you kind of how LexisNexis works, and why you guys need to get a report now.

I have a 240 page LexisNexis report on myself. So if you guys want me to I’ll share with you how to get it. Comment below if you’re interested in getting your LexisNexis report. I definitely recommend getting your LexisNexis report because it tells you everything.

This is where lenders are getting their information. If you don’t know what’s on your Lexis report then you need to start thinking about it like this. Creditors are not going to TransUnion to bounce off. They are not trying to figure out whether you’re a good credible source.

Credit card companies, mortgage companies, brokers, car dealerships, they are the ones going to LexisNexis to validate that type of information. They’re not going to the credit bureaus.

Credit bureaus are small peon compared to LexisNexis. LexisNexis has any and everything that you can think about.

LexisNexis Data

The first thing that LexisNexis will know about you is if you ever got a speeding ticket. Literally, LexisNexis knows your criminal record, driving record and public records. If you’ve been married, divorced, they know your credit if you’ve had bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments, repossessions, late payments, basically anything you can think about.

It’s just mind-blowing how much information they have. Don’t be surprised if they can tell you what you ate for dinner last night.

We Struck A Deal With LexisNexis

Here at Wholesale Tradelines, we were actually able to facilitate a deal with them. We use the same service that the FBI and IRS use to validate people. For months we had to undergo scrutinization to get a deal.

They have to validate your company first, so it is understandable. For months, they had to come in, check us out, and make sure we’re legit. They did a background check, they make sure you’ve got licensed bonds, insurance, everything in your company before they consider giving a deal to you.

If they don’t, think about what you can do with something like LexisNexis when you have everybody’s information. From the time that they were born to the time that they die, I can tell you every phone number, every address, every place you’ve lived. That’s how detailed LexisNexis is.

So when you think that these banks that are going to TransUnion to validate information, think again. They’re going to LexisNexis.

LexisNexis is your public record and housing for everything you’ve ever done in life. Everything is stored in on the platform. For 40 years this company has been growing. They’re in a hundred plus countries. It is a massive company.

LexisNexis Has Our Back

And as a company to have something like this backing you, then you know we’re preventing fraud. We’re preventing people from coming in who aren’t really who they are as employees. Background screening, testing. I mean this LexisNexis thing is a game changer.

I can’t stress enough that you need to know what is on your LexisNexis report. That way when you go to apply for a credit card (you know they’re checking LexisNexis) you better be damn sure you know what’s on it and how to protect it and freeze it (wink wink).

How We Use This To Your Advantage

Here at Wholesale Tradelines, we have an official Credit Sweep that we talk about if you guys haven’t heard. It’s called the Elite Clean Slate Sweep.

A lot of people are asking, how do we remove items so fast off a credit report. Without giving you too much information here is how.

The way the law is structured is that LexisNexis holds the information. When a creditor, car dealership, credit cards, a mortgage company goes to validate the information they’re going through TransUnion.

The Breakdown

But let’s suppose that you had your TransUnion frozen and your LexisNexis frozen. So when Coggin Nissan goes running your credit, they try to validate but your information is frozen. We’re also challenging the information saying it may or not may not be his account at all. This may not be his collections. “Prove it.”

Let’s say that your Lexis was frozen, and I’m not talking about the free version for you guys watching this. I’m not talking about going and freezing your LexisNexis online (for the free garbage thing, that’s about as good as Credit Karma). I’m talking about the real service that we offer. The real service that allows us to tap into LexisNexis. If it’s frozen legally, when they go to validate the information, boom, it gets stuck. They have nothing to validate because your LexisNexis is frozen.

So in a case like that, they have to bounce it back. They have to say “we could not validate the information.” And within 15 days if they cannot validate the information because you are frozen. You can only guess what’s going to happen next…

It is going to come back deleted. They have a certain time that they can validate information, and if they can’t, legally they have to remove it (that’s part of our proprietary methods).

Bring It All Together

I’m not going to show you all my tricks but what I am going to tell you is that part of the methods is to freeze your information when they are trying to validate.

If they cannot validate, legally they have to remove it. That’s how the clean slate works and why it’s so fast. That’s why two to three weeks is our turnaround time. It is a game changer in the credit industry. Nobody can do it faster. Hands down.

This is not the old school format.

If you guys are interested in the new credit sweep and how it works. And you are ready to take action, post comments below. Say, I’m ready to get started!

As always, and until tomorrow, thank you! Take care.

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