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Inquiry Removal + Primary Tradelines

Remove pesky credit inquiries that are ruining your credit score, equaling denials.

Add positive credit in your own name so you can start getting approvals again.

Instantaneous credit score increases. See before and after video below.

$ 495
Inquiry Removal Service

Removal of credit inquiries not associated with active accounts on your credit report. All 3 credit burueas included. 15 - 30 day timeframe to completion or sooner.

$ 495
5k Primary Tradeline

5k revolving, shows as individual account. Client MUST have both ID AND SSN card for this tradeline (REQUIRED). Reports to all three credit bureaus. 3% balance. Diversifies account mix because it's a revolving account. Order and payment due by 25th of each month. Reporting timeframe is between 5th and 15th of following month.

$ 895
Inquiry Removal + 5k Primary Tradeline Combo

Combination of both the inquiry removal service and 5k primary tradeline (positive credit).