How to Save Thousands of Dollars and Time with This Simple Credit Hack

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Video Transcript: 

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to Tradeline TV. My name is Mike. I’m with Wholesale Tradelines.

I want to share with you guys a little topic that I think is going to be very important to you to realize where we’re at, and how important it is to really just catch up to speed.

Man, this is a secret that not a lot of people know about. Not a lot of people know about it because they’re uneducated. Remember what they used to tell you when you were younger that knowledge is power?

I’m here to put that to rest.

That’s correct knowledge is power.

Unlearn What Society Has Taught You

We’ve been told year after year from all these financial institutions, from all different walks of life, your family, your friends, whatever the case may be, that in order to build credit you must start with a secured credit card, you must make your payments on time for the next 12 months.

They’re going to start you at $300 to $500 secured card and then after 12 months, they’re going to then make it an unsecured credit card of which from that point there, you can maybe go up to the $500 credit line unsecured.

Save Time and Money

Now, the topic today is do you want to save thousands of dollars and years of time?

What we’re trying to do is basically condense the time that it takes to fix your credit. We have created an opportunity for every single person in America, and for that matter in the world, to fix their credit in such a short period of time without going with the old school secured credit card, you know doing that and then 12 payments.

It’s BS, right. Let me show you guys a quick thing. So when I say, “Do you want to save thousands of dollars,” because when you have good credit, you’re going to get a great interest rate. I’m going to give you an example in a second.

Benefits of having a good credit score

You’re also going to be able to get a good interest rate on cards, start getting approved for credit cards, a better interest rate on a home, etc.

Less money down on a home. Less money down on a vehicle because your interest rates are going to be lower.

Thousands and thousands of dollars that you put out in cash, because you don’t have the credit or your credit is weak and it just needs a little bit of a boost, but you don’t know how to do it. Okay?

So here’s what we want to share with you at Wholesale Tradelines.

You do have hope and you do have a great opportunity to get it in a place very fast.

The Quick Fix

You do not have to wait years to fix your credit anymore.

Nobody wants to wait anymore. That’s why we’re taking time out of the equation.

That’s why we’re able to do this in such a fast … We’re able to do it in a very condensed period of time instead of you having to wait years.

I’m going to share with you how to do it.

First and foremost, if you want to save thousands in down payment or interest, your credit score has to be raised. Okay?

The lower your credit score, the worse interest rate and the worse tier you’re going to be into getting a vehicle or to getting credit cards or to get a home. Okay?

Now, how quick can this be done?

A lot of people were asking how quick could it be done. If it doesn’t take years, how long does it take?

The answer is months, and I don’t mean 12. I mean two.

In two months, generally speaking, we can take somebody from a 550 credit score to a 700 plus credit score very easily.

Guys, it’s taken you years to mess up your credit, and we can fix it in two months.


How We Can Help

The way we do that is because we’ve got the proprietary software for our sweep to be able to remove the negative stuff on your credit report, whether it’s bankruptcy, judgments, foreclosures, repos, whatever the case is.

That negative stuff that’s been haunting you that has caused you to get such a bad interest rate, which has caused you to get continuing denials.

Guys, if you don’t want to get denied anymore, it’s time to make a move. Let’s do it.

You’ve got bigger and better things to move on with your life.
Let the professionals take over and do for you what you don’t know how to do. Okay?

“Don’t Try This At Home”

If I’m going to get my roof fixed, the last person that I’m going to call when I want to go get my roof fixed is to call a plumber because a plumber doesn’t typically do roofs.

So, you guys go in there and you start challenging stuff willy-nilly, have no idea what you’re doing.

You’re challenging the stuff with wrong codes, wrong verbiage to … You’re not sending it out to the right companies.

A thing or two may come off, and you’re just in that vicious cycle where we’re continuing to go over and over again, and you’re going to end up doing it and taking longer than some of the companies that do that monthly membership.

The Difference

I’m not going to mention who they are. You know who I’m talking about, who do the monthly membership bullshit where they’re going to send out the two letters and challenge two things every single month and they’re going to drag you out for 8 to 12 months.

Guys, we don’t have 8 to 12 months to deal with.

Listen, if you’ve got the finances, I’m going to work with you. If you don’t have the finances, I’m still going to work with you.

In a short way, we’re going to figure it out. It’s not about the money here. It’s about getting to eight billion people in this world who need help. We’re here to help you. It’s not about the money.

So, I encourage you to contact us. (904) 515-6698. You can ask for John, Kyle, Luke, Sebastian, Mike. Ask for any of us.

Let Us Hold Your Hand

We all are very educated in the credit industry and can help you take off years at a time, condensing it into very few months. I can raise somebody’s score 100 points in as little as seven days by putting the right trade lines on.

Maybe you don’t have negatives. Maybe you have high utilization and you just need a boost in your credit because your utilization is in that 60%, 70%, 80% range from your credit cards and you just need to get that lowered.

I can share with you how to do that as well. Maybe your credit age is just low and you need to put on a couple of trade lines with aged accounts. Whatever the case is, we don’t care.

We have the solution for high utilization, age and for those of you that just don’t have any credit or looking to establish credit.

We can throw a package all and start with a couple of trade lines, throw a package on, and go from a no score to a 750 plus within two weeks.

So, I want to educate you guys, help you out. That’s why I come here on Tradeline TV every single day.

I put out educational content because again it’s not about education is the key. It’s about the right education. We’ve been doing this a long time. Don’t just listen to people who have not done it.

We Practice What We Preach

Listen to the people who have done it. We’ve all done it here.

Everybody in my company has been able to get vehicles, cars, credit cards, and do the things that they want to do in life because their credit is phenomenal.

We don’t just preach or sing a song here and tell you one thing and then our credit is shit. We’re doing the right thing here so that way we can feel good when we share the information with you guys.

We know how to take time out of the equation and we’re going to save you thousands of dollars over the years and just not have to put out the money in cash.

Maybe we can put it on the credit card. Maybe we get approved, but instead of getting a 17% interest rate on a vehicle through Car Max or one of these other companies that are going to charge you through the roof, instead of making a payment of $700 a month, maybe you can make a payment of $325 a month because you’ve got a good interest rate. That’s the difference.

That couple hundred bucks a month. What would you do with that extra couple hundred bucks a month if you didn’t have to pay in interest? Or a down payment on a vehicle.

Improvement In Quality of Life

How would you like to walk in and have nothing down, as opposed to having to put down $3000 or $4000 cash? So that’s the difference between having good credit and not.

So listen, we’re going to take care of you. Post comments below. Anything that you have below that you post, I will definitely, every single one of them I return back.

I engage with you guys because I want to hear things that you’re saying. I want to make sure that you’re very educated in making decisions, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re here for the education piece.

That’s why we created Tradeline TV. There’s a link down here.

Again, (904) 515-6698. My name is Mike and I’m here to help you guys no matter what your situation is.


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  1. What kind of (general) success do you have in removing dismissed Chapter 13’s with this method? What about collections? Charge off’s? I’m sure it varies but I’m just looking for a general success rate on removals. I’ve been working hard to increase my scores and I’m getting there (I’ve increased my score on my own from 495 to the low 600s since January), but I have some stuff that’s still absolutely killing my score and I’m getting impatient waiting for the clock to expire on them. Thanks!

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