How To Know What Credit Cards To Apply For

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Today’s topic is, “What if you knew what credit cards to apply for to save yourself inquiries?” Have you guys heard about the secret lender’s list? If you haven’t heard about the secret lender’s list, I’m going to explain exactly what I’ve put together over the last six years in business, and this is going to dramatically increase your chances by over 70% to get credit cards that you might not otherwise have gotten.

The secret lender’s list will save you inquiries, you get to select the card that you want, you will know what credit bureau they pull from based on your state.

You will know the approximate credit limit of the card that you’ll get, and you’re also going to know what credit bureaus and what score is needed to obtain and apply for that credit card.

Now, I got to give you guys a disclaimer because if I tell you every single person’s going to get approved based on this list, okay, what I’ve done is I’ve put together a list of over a couple hundred credit cards.

It’s going to tell you what credit bureau. It’s going to tell you the score needed. It’s going to tell you the approximate credit limit.

You guys get to pick the card based on your statement.

Okay, now here’s the deal. Not everybody’s going to get approved, and I’m going to share with you why.

The reason you may not get approved, and that’s why I have to put this as a disclaimer, is because somebody could have a 750 credit score on Experian and only have one tradeline whereas somebody else, we talk about this all the time, could have a 650 credit score, okay, and they have a 650 credit score, but it’s got a ton of stuff on there, right, it’s a very, very solid profile.

Now, the secret lender’s list, what does this do?

It’s basically everything you need.

Let’s say that you’re interested in getting Capital One savor card.

How would you like to know that you could look at this list, go to that card, look at what score is needed to get that credit card, and exactly what credit bureau they pull from?

How much would that help you guys?

A lot of people apply for credit cards, but they have no idea what the criteria was before.

What if you could leverage it this way? What if you had a 550 score on Equifax, a 600 credit score on TransUnion, and a 750 on Experian?

Let me ask you a question: what if you could leverage it to where you would go to a card, Chase Sapphire, see that it pulls only from Experian, not all three credit bureaus, not TransUnion, not Equifax.

You knew it only pulled from one credit bureau, and that credit bureau was your highest credit score.

Because if you had a 750 there, a 600 there, a 550 there, would you apply for a credit card that pulls all three credit bureaus?

Of course not.

But would you apply for a credit card that only pulled from the bureau that had your highest credit score?

What if you had that leverage?

I’ve helped over thousands and thousands of families with this exact document be able to get more credit cards, know exactly where they’re pulling from, and not shooting in the wind.

Decreases your inquiries and dramatically increases your chances of getting the credit card that you want.

I’m giving you this, guys. This is part of my gift. You guys get a tradeline from me, and I’ll send you over that list.

As a matter of fact, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to give you this list whether you guys buy a tradeline or not.

Now, if you need a tradeline, age tradeline, you need to maybe lower some utilization, maybe you need some age on your credit report.

Because again, just because you have a 750 credit score does not mean that you’re going to get approved for these credit cards if there’s nothing behind the 750 credit score.

So if you need age, certainly we can help you. That’s what we do.

Now, but if you want the list just for being part of Tradeline TV and part of the family, giving me a thumbs up on this video, each and every one of you guys I am willing to share.

This is a $500 value. You guys will get that for free.

That’s just my thanks for being part of the team, Sharron, I love you guys. I thank you for watching Tradeline TV every single day.

Make sure you turn on the bell notifications because I do this stuff all the time.

I give away free tradelines, I give away free documents, free services to help you out for those who are in need.

It’s giving the blessing back, and that’s just part of the business that we’re in is helping others.

We’ve already been able to do and run a very successful company.

We want to make sure now that we’re giving back to people that can need it.

Give us a call, 904-515-6698.

My guys are on standby. I’ll put the link for the secret lender’s list in the description box.

You guys will see that, and as long as you give me a thumbs up on this video, it’s coming over to you at no additional cost.

If you need a tradeline, again, 904-515-6698.

Make sure you look at your report. If you don’t have any positives, we can add those positives for you to help you out, and then use the secret lender’s list to go ahead and leverage your credit so you know where to pull, obviously to lower you inquiries it increases your chances significantly.

That’s my gift to you guys today.

Thank you for watching Tradeline TV.

My name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines, and until tomorrow take care.

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