How to Increase Your Credit Score for Free

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I’m going to give you guys a tip that no other tradeline company in America will share with you guys today, very important message. Do you want to know how to increase your credit score for free? I’m going to share with you how to do that by getting a free tradeline. Yes, I did say that, a free tradeline.

The free tradeline hack nobody has ever disclosed, I’m going to share with you today how to get it.

One thing that you want to do, if you want a free tradeline, is you want to find a friend, a family member, somebody that you trust and that they trust you, that you can ask to add you onto one of their cards as an authorized user.

So let’s say you have a mom or a dad that has a perfect payment history.

There’s a couple of tips that we’re going to share about what they have to have in order to get added first.

But first, you have to have trust in that person. And they really have to trust you to know that you’re not going to screw up their credit.

A couple of things I want to share with you in order to get a free tradeline is, let’s say you go to Mom and you say, “Hey, Mom, I want to get added. I don’t want to pay for a tradeline. I want to get added to one of your cards.” Okay?

So one thing that we want to make sure is that Mom’s card actually reports to all three major credit bureaus, okay?

Very important, because, if not, what is the sense of getting added if it’s not going to report?

Number two, you want to make sure that the utilization on her card is ideally under 15%.

So we did a video recently where we talked about 30% is kind of good, that 10% is excellent.

Make sure that Mom’s is lower than 20% and ideally between that 10 and 15% mark, okay?

And the last thing we want to make sure, which is extremely important, is that the card that you’re being added to has never had a late payment ever, okay?

Because what’ll is that late payment that’s on Mom’s card will actually get transferred over to your credit report, okay?

So we want to make sure utilization is low. We want to make sure that it’s never had a late payment, and that it reports to all three credit bureaus.

So, that way you can get up-to-date notifications.

We’re the only tradeline company and credit industry that does a video on learning and education every single day.

And we’re going to be bringing more content and more content to you guys every single day.

And, eventually, we’re going to get up to two a day.

When it comes to a free tradeline, three things you want to look for, number one, low utilization.

Number two does it report to all three credit bureaus. a

Lastly, number three, making sure that there’s absolutely never been a late payment on her card.

If you find somebody that has that, they can call, they can contact the bank and say, “Hey, add so-and-so as an authorized user on my account,” and that data will then report to your credit report, and that will not cost you a penny.

However, if that does not fit like something or someone that you have, that has that criteria, certainly, that’s what we’re here for.

We are the number one tradeline company in America. We can certainly help you with all that because we have vetted all of our cardholders to make sure those three criteria are in place already, okay?

Any questions, my team is completely educated in the credit game.

You can reach us at 904-515-6698. That’s 904-515-6698. We are here to help you.

There are eight billion people on this earth, and we’re going to continue to help one at a time until we reach all of them.

I want to thank you again.

It means a lot to me, take care.

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