How to Get No Credit Check Loans

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This topic is something that I think will do extremely well for a lot of people. I know that my clientele, my viewership, is comprised of people that don’t have necessarily an 800 credit score. Hopefully, this resonates with you guys and you can use it to some extent. I’m going to tell you some pros and cons about it, and I’m going to let you know what my thoughts are, but overall we’re talking about how to get a loan with no credit check.

So think about this for a second. No credit check. Do you guys know what no credit check means?

What that means is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a soft pull, not a hard pull.

So they’re not going to check your credit.

Now the banks are going to check certain things.

Number one, do you get a paycheck? It’s called a payday loan. Most of them are called payday loans, and what that means is they’re going to base it on a few factors.

So are you getting a paycheck every week, or are you unemployed? What is your address? Are you stable? Are you moving around? Are you unemployed or are you, you know? These are things that the banks are going to want to know.

However, getting a loan without any credit check, I don’t care if you have a zero score, or a 400, if you have a 400 credit score.

Why would somebody want to get a loan?

By the way, when I tell you the interest rates, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. But I have to do videos on these, guys, so you know that it is an option for you. I get that there’s an emergency.

Now, why would somebody get a loan without checking their credit?

Well, number one, fast approval. This is a pro. Fast approval. And in a lot of cases, same-day money.

You apply online, takes less than five minutes, and literally, they are depositing your money the same day.

Maybe you don’t want to miss an opportunity. Maybe you have an emergency. You can’t wait till you get paid again. Maybe you’re like, look, I need the money. It’s a time constraint and I just don’t have till my next paycheck to wait.

It happens to the best of us. So the pros are very, very fast liquid cash into your account.

Now there are some, which we’re going to talk about, there are some companies that you can actually just walk right into and get cash the same day.

So like a brick and mortar, you don’t have to actually wait the time for it to be deposited electronically into your bank account.

So what I’m going to share with you are the two best and the two worst companies. But first I got to let you know this. You have to understand what it is.

People are letting you borrow money on a no credit, obviously means there’s a high risk that comes along with that.

Number one risk. Four to seven hundred percent interest rate. Yes, I did say that. Four hundred to seven hundred percent interest rate to get this.

Now you have to weigh that out to say, is it worth me getting a loan to pay back almost four times the amount that I’m borrowing?

So if you’re borrowing $200 till your next paycheck, you’re going to be paying back nearly $800 to borrow that $200.

And believe me, just because they don’t check your credit, doesn’t mean they’re not going to pull it from your check when you get your check.

So they’re going to be secured. But again, emergencies happen, things happen. Sometimes we just can’t wait till our next check to do things.

You also have an installment loan.

You have what they call an installment, which is typically paid back in one to four months.

Again, a very, very high-interest rate. These are the cons to any of these payday loans or the installment or the title loans.

You guys might’ve heard of title loans.

That’s where your car is paid off and then you’re going to give them the title to your vehicle. That’s going to be the collateral to the loan.

And then they are going to give you money. And if you don’t pay the money back, they own the car.

That’s the way the title works. So those types are a little bit better interest rate than just a payday off your paycheck.

But then you also have the installment loans as well, and that’s where you can pay it back typically over one to four weeks.

So if you borrow $1000 bucks, they’re going to give you a few weeks, and yes, it’s going to hurt for a few weeks because you’re paying back literally four times the amount.

But again, sometimes $1,000 means the world to somebody that they have it right there.

Maybe they are trying to save a family member. Maybe it’s a funeral that you have to pay for something. Maybe it’s your family’s about to get kicked out and they have to pay their rent.

I mean, whatever the case is for an emergency fund, it is a good option, if you don’t have anybody else to borrow it from for free. You would pay the interest, which is outrageous, but you’d have the money.

So there’s pros and cons to this, depending on your situation. Each situation is going to be a little bit different.

Five-minute online application. Very simple.

If you’re going to do it online, obviously they have to deposit the money into, you have to give your routing and account number and check and make sure you have a checking and account number.

They definitely want to make sure of that. And they’ll deposit the money right into your checking account, usually within 24 hours or less.

If you’re doing a brick and mortar, you can go and do the application right there, walk-in and literally leave with the money.

So these are loans with no credit check.

They don’t care what your credit score is. It means nothing to them.

All they want to know is they’re going to get paid back, and they’re going to get paid back at least four times the amount that they let you borrow.

So I’m going to give you my worst two selections, and then I’m going to give you my best two selections as far as companies to go from, the best reviews, and ones that I’ve heard my clients using over the years that have been very good.

So worst is NetCredit.

A lot of bad reviews on NetCredit. Don’t typically do that well with some of these payday loans. So one I would probably steer away from would-be NetCredit.

The other one is that PCA, and what that is, is your personal cash advance. Typically not good. Extremely high. I’ve heard people as high as a thousand percent, as far as the interest rate on companies like that. So outrageous.

If 400 wasn’t bad enough, some of these are up into the 800, 900, to a 1000 percentage rate. It’s ridiculous.

So those are my two I would probably stay away from if you come across them while you’re looking. Stay away from those two companies.

And then as far as my best picks, the two that I have great reviews, people use all the time, not terrible as far as the interest rates, but still, you’re still in that average of four hundred percent. comes in second place as my favorite payday online account where they’re going to be able to give you a loan based on your money.

That would be my second choice.

And number one, and this may come to a surprise to you guys, is actually

Green Day is actually the best. Best reviews. A lot of my clients have used it.

So if you guys can benefit from getting a loan, or a payday loan, or installment loan, or a car title loan, comes into my number one choice as far as getting you guys taken care of.

But that’s going to lead me to the next question, and my question would be why?

So we do a lot of videos on psychology of why?

If you’re in a position like this where you have to get a payday loan, a car title loan, or to get an installment loan, that tells me a few things about you.

Number one, it tells me that maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck, which is again, 70%, whatever it is, 60% of America.

So no surprise that that could be you because the odds are stacked against you.

Number two, it could tell me that you are not willing to give your credit a chance.

So you’re going with a no credit check.

And if you go to a no credit check, obviously the fees are outrageous. So why would we go for a company like this when we can just fix our credit and have much better interest rates, somewhere in that nine to fifteen percent, versus four hundred percent.

So my question would be to you is why? Why would we go with that route as opposed to just taking the time, taking the action, taking the step forward to say, let me just fix my social?

That way they can do a check, a hard pull. It’s going to cost you an inquiry. So would you rather have an inquiry or would you rather pay back four times the amount for a loan?

Guys, this is simple. I want to make sure you know what companies to use if you absolutely have to, but I don’t condone using these types of things if you don’t have to.

Fix your credit.

Fix your credit so you can actually have it pulled.

They can check and see that 650 up to 800 credit score, and literally give you a better interest rate where you can pay it over long periods of time, not a week or two, and get gouged for interest rates.

Fix your own credit!

If you guys need help with that, obviously this is what we do here. We can help you fix your credit, and we mean fast.

We’ve got proprietary methods that we use to be able to go directly to the credit bureaus and take time out of the equation.

Most of our results are within 60 days, and most of our clients are coming in around that 550 area and leaving with a combo of over 700. Game changer, guys.

We don’t do the Elite Credit Repair by itself, because we have thousands and thousands of clients that would love to only pay $1 for the Elite Credit Repair.

However, we can’t charge upfront for credit repair, because it’s illegal. So what you do is you charge on the back end.

So again, we have to pair it with a Tradeline package or an Age Tradeline, just to be able to get into it, because we’ve got people lined up knocking on our door, “Hey, I want this, I want this, I want it.” And of course, you do for a dollar.

Of course, you do. But so do 50 other thousand people that want this.

So the way we structure it is with an Elite combo. You get the Elite Credit Repair for $1 and you don’t pay the $795 for another 60 days.

Gives you time, if you need to save up for 60 days, and in 60 days you pay for the Elite Credit Repair.

The only thing that we ask is to put skin in the game, to get an Age Tradeline. That would be your only cost today.

I’m willing to do the work with no charge upfront, other than $1.

As long as you buy an Age Tradeline, you’re in, and that gets you into the program.

So please, if you guys are interested, don’t call up, say, “Hey, I just want the Elite Credit Repair.”

Understand that it does come with a combo and there’s going to be an investment upfront.

For the Age Tradeline, by the way, you will need, if you’re getting the Elite Credit Repair, you will need to get the Tradeline anyway.

We’ve got people calling in, “I don’t need the Tradeline.” Yes, you do. You need the Tradeline. You need it anyway.

If you are going through Elite Credit Repair, you need the positive history from the Tradeline that we’re going to add anyway.

And so I know that you’re like, “I just want to spend a dollar,” but no, it doesn’t work that way.

No, no, we’re not doing it for the dollar unless you come in as a combo. So we’re going to help you, and so you guys don’t have to do it this way, to go with the four hundred percent interest.

Why would you want to do that? So anyway, that’s what we’re here to do.

Give me a thumbs up, guys, if this can resonate with you and you understand I’m here to help you, each and every one of you guys, every day.

So that’s why I want to put these out here so you guys can learn the credit game, learn what to do, what not to do, how to do it, and learn it like the back of your hand and your kid’s name.

That being said, 904-515-6698, that’s our main number.

Our guys are on standby waiting to talk to you to help you.

Please understand, if you contact us, that there is going to be an investment upfront because you have to get the Tradeline, that you will need anyway.

We will only charge you a dollar for the Elite Credit Repair, and you can pay us on the back end after the works have been rendered for the credit repair.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

If I can help you in any way, shape, or form, please let me know. God bless!

Until tomorrow. Take care.

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