How To Get High Limit Credit Cards

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Yes, you can actually get higher limit credit cards. There is hope!


1. Ensure your credit score is above 700. (Don’t worry, we can help you.) The higher your score, the better. THIS MEANS, if you have collections and public records on your credit report, you will need a CREDIT SWEEP to help combat those.


2. You should have at least 3 open, POSITIVE TRADELINES on your credit report. This can and should include Authorized User Tradelines. At least one of them should have a limit of $10,000. The higher the credit limit, the better your chances are for getting your own super high credit limit. Banks must see that you can be trusted by other banks with no issues, which will help your chances of getting higher limits.


3. The average age of your credit history should be AT LEAST 5 YEARS OLD. The older, the BETTER. Seasoned Tradelines can add YEARS of perfect positive payment history to your credit report, FAST. You must have some stability in order for banks to consider you. Banks simply do not lend high limits to people in the toddler stage of their credit.


4. A lot of credit inquiries will hurt your chances of getting approved. Credit Inquiry removal is a phenomenal way to reduce the number of credit inquiries that are showing on all three credit bureaus.


P.S. You don’t have to wait 20 years to add 20 years of perfect payment history to your credit report! You also don’t have to wait for 7 – 10 years for items to fall off your credit report.


We can help you add positive seasoned tradelines to your credit report FAST. We also have a phenomenal CREDIT SWEEP program.


Cut time out of the equation and let us expedite your path to credit success!


***Call us NOW to learn how TRADELINES and CREDIT SWEEPS can increase your credit score, FAST ***




Written Val Singles

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