How To Get An American Express Card (Do These Things Today)

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Today I got a really exciting topic. People have been coming to me, “I want American Express. I want this American Express credit card.” I’ve gotten a lot of hype of this. What is this American Express hype, guys? Why does everybody want the American Express credit?

I’m going to talk about four tips on how to get your first American Express credit card, the dos, the don’ts, and the information that you need to get your first card.

So let’s first get into right away, let’s talk about the American Express in general.

And to understand the two different cards that they have. They are the pioneer of this.

It’s called the charge card.

Let’s put it this way.

You have you every day and you have your charge.

So every day is just like you go to your supermarket or grocery store or Amazon, right?

You put your payments on that, on your card, and then at the end of the month they have your bill that comes out and you pay interest on it and so and so forth.

Like a regular credit card.

The difference between that and a charge card is that American Express says, “Look, if you use this card, you must pay it in full at the end of the month.”

So they are willing to give you no interest.

Meaning if you go out and spend $500 on a trip somewhere, where you going to get a trip for 500 bucks, but that was a horrible analogy.

But let’s say you spend 500 bucks on Sunday, right?

You bought your Yeezys and you’re like, look, I’m putting this on my charge card.

At the end of the month, you must pay that off in full.

But no interest.

So that’s the difference.

Once you pay off in full.

The other one they let revolving, they’ll let you keep a balance on it.

That’s how American Express works.

So why does everybody want an American Express credit card?

Well, I think first you have to understand the benefits that come with it.

Travel benefits, the best hands down for travel, hotel, and airlines.

They give you the best priority.

Boarding, they have a little spot where you can sit on the side with people that own the American Express credit cards, right?

You get free bag checks.

You get upgrades on hotels where you can upgrade to, with no additional costs.

There are just some perks and things with the American Express credit card that a lot of the other credit cards do not offer.

And you guys know it is sought after as a very prestige credit card.

It’s supposed to be the high quality.

Someone says, “Look, I got it,” right. It’s almost like bragging rights, right? Let’s be real.

American Express is for bragging. Because number one, you need a better credit score.

You can’t just get the Capital One Platinum card that you can get with like a 500 credit score or something.

This credit card you’re going to need a little bit better.

So we’re going to talk about some tips on how to get this credit card.

Number one is you have to have primary accounts.

So this is not a credit card where you can have a blank.

You just went through a credit repair elite, whatever, and they wiped off all your bad stuff.

Maybe you’ve been working on your credit repair for six months.

And finally, you’re like, I don’t have any accounts.

American Express is not going to be the first credit card that is going to approve you with no open primary accounts.

They are also not going to approve you with just authorized users.

So a couple of things have to happen.

The prerequisite of this is that you have to have primary accounts.

You can have some authorized users, but you also need a few primary accounts.

So if it is your first credit card, okay, American Express, it just can’t be the first card added to your credit report, okay.

So I would probably get your Capital One Platinum card. I would probably get your Discover IT card.

Those, get those on there. There’s a way for those to post on your credit.

When you can see them on your credit report, then you can go to American Express.

So number one tip is you cannot have any primaries and you can’t have just authorized users.

Number two is as far as your public record goes, okay a lot of people are asking what is a public record?

A public record is your profile from your life.

Everything you’ve done from the time you’ve ever applied for anything up got into an apartment, your addresses, your phone numbers.

Your public record is you.

Everything from day one when you started getting into the world as a human being, okay, is in a housing facility literally known as the LexisNexis.

LexisNexis is the largest public record-holding database.

It is what the FBI and the IRS use.

It is very, very serious.

I can tell you what you ate for dinner last night, if you just give me a little bit of information.

So here’s the reason for getting into the public record for American Express.

Number one, once you’re in public record, you guys are going to know that you’re going to get the preapproval offers.

Now, what is a preapproval offer?

Number one, it means that they’ve checked your credit and then they are going to send you out a piece of mail saying you’ve been pre-approved.

They don’t give you an approval because they don’t know what has changed from the time they checked your credit to the time that they actually send you the letter.

So they call it preapproval. Okay?

Now what that means is you can apply.

You need to get into the public record.

I’m going to give you a couple of things you can do to get in the public record right away.

Apply for a fishing or hunting license.

That is one good way.

How about your local supermarkets?

They have a thing called rewards.

It’s not a credit card. It’s a rewards card.

You know the little one that’s on your key chain, all right, the little baby one that you get.

You do this all online.

If you just Google for top rewards cards key chains, they’re going to pop up something where you can go ahead and get in there.

You want to apply for at least seven different, okay?

I’m going to tell you who has them.

A couple of people that have them. Walgreens, CVS, your local supermarkets.

I believe that Dick’s Sporting Goods. Once you apply for them.

That puts you into the public record.

You want to be in public record.

Stop staying off the grid. He’s, “I don’t want to be put.”

I did a video the other day.


By the way, to get into the public record, you guys need to opt-in.

Go back to my video.

No SSN to get credit cards?

It will tell you how to opt-in.

There’s a video on it and yes, you will need to put all of your social security number, not just the last four.

The last four was when you apply for the credit cards that they give you through that video.

But to opt-in, you must put your full address and your full SSN.

You’re opting in.

So now that you are opt-in, that is how we start getting the offers.

And a lot of companies, when you get … by the way, you know that American Express is prestige.

When you get that envelope in the mail, that envelope is worth 30, $40.

I mean, it’s wrapped in gold.

I mean it’s thick.

They don’t go cheesy on it, because it’s a good card.

And they know that people want it.

They know that it is hard to get.

If you get a preapproval, let me tell you this.

Tip number two right here is to make sure that you only apply for American Express.

One of two things happen.

Number one, you’ve got a preapproval.

Don’t just call an American Express and say, Hey, I want to get their card. Okay?

Again, I’m giving you tips to get better chances of approval, not less.

Yeah. Of course, people with excellent credit, with 800 credit score, could call up American Express over the phone and get a card.

But if you want to get it, I’m giving you a tip to make it easier.

Wait for the preapproval.

That the first step is to get into the public record.

So once you’re in public record, they’re going to send you the mail.

You’re going to apply for through their offer.

You’ve been pre-approved, apply that way.

Number two is if you have somebody that is already an American Express holder, okay.

They can log into their online portal and they can actually give you a referral code.

I’ve been helping people for years since I’ve had American Express for years.

They have a referral code and I can share my referral code with somebody who does not have American Express, and the chances of them getting approved for the American Express literally go through the roof.

Because I am then sharing my, I’m like, look, I’m vouching for this person.

Here’s my referral code.

I’m vouching.

That is the only two ways that I want you to apply for American Express unless you’re at 800 credit score okay.

That doesn’t matter. All right.

The other thing you need to know is that you need a better credit score.

The lowest credit score that you can have to get American Express is 643 and then all the way up to 850, okay.

The average person that comes in applies for American Express is a 715.

This is not a janky card where you’re just going to get approved for it.

Like you have to have a couple of things in place.

That’s why I come to you guys, to make sure.

No, if you’re like most I don’t care about American Express card.

Some people do.

Some people care about their American Express cards.

Some people don’t leave home without it.

And a reason for it because it has so many different things.

There is an annual fee.

So for you guys that are cheap and don’t want the annual fee, do not get a, don’t get an Amex.

There is an annual fee for most American Express cards.

However, the perks outweigh it.

If you travel, if you go for dining, if you go to hotel stays.

They have so many different perks.

Also, it’s a status thing, right?

Like you’re like, dude, here’s my American, boom. Right?

So that is another cool thing to have American Express, is just something that shows that you have been responsible with credit.

It shows that you are on the right track of improving your credit.

It’s not so much to say, Oh, you know, I just have an American Express.

It is to show, you know what man, this is an accomplishment.

I did something, I got an American Express card.

That’s why everybody wants them.

So that’s a few things I want you to do.

Make sure your credit scores in between that 643 and that’s the lowest.

I wouldn’t recommend applying for it at 643.

But 643, 700 plus is probably where you want to be.

Make sure that you are opted in, got your rewards cards, apply for your fishing and hunting license.

That’s going to put you into the public record.

Also opting in, go to my video, Know SSN, tell you exactly how to opt-in so you can get into the public record.

Make sure that you get the preapproval mail in the mail and apply through that, not just online or calling the representative.

And make sure that you have a few primaries on your account, credit cards previously, before applying for American Express.

Do not make that your first credit card.

You won’t get approved for it, okay?

Also, guys, listen, I wanted to do something nice.

I get charged a certain fee, I’m going to be straight up with you guys.

If you want to know if you’re in a LexisNexis all ready.

If you want to know that you have a public record, okay, I can help you with that.

It’s going to cost you a fee, straight up.

It’s going to cost you because it costs me a fee.

I’ve got the real LexisNexis, not the bullshit, the one where you can type in LexisNexis, Google it. No.

I got the one that where they scrutinize my business for six months to be able to say, hey, you’re legitimate. I’m going to give you a LexisNexis.

Again, IRS and FBI use this.

They’re not just going to give it to everybody, okay?

You could destroy somebody with the information I have on this.

Meaning it costs me a certain amount to pull a report on you.

If you guys want, it’s going to be 25 bucks.

Charge me 18 bucks to pull a report.

I can pull a report for you guys, 25 bucks if you want to get it done.

This will at least tell us, hey, I’m in public record.

My chances of getting approved for my American Express dramatically increase.

And also not just for American Express, for any credit card, when you’re in public record, that is the database that most credit cards bounce off of.

They’re going to check the address.

They’re going to check the name.

And if it corresponds to LexisNexis, then they’re like, okay, it’s a legitimate person.

It’s a legitimate social. It’s a real person.

So if you guys want to check, if you want to check, 904-515-6698. We can help anyone.

It’s going to be 25 bucks.

I can do Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover to help you out.

It will be pulled up in literally 30 seconds to tell you everything you need to know, whether yes you are or no you are not in public record.

And that dramatically increases your chances for not only American Express but for any credit card.

Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV.

Any questions?

Make sure you give me a thumbs up on this one.

And also, listen, if you have not subscribed, make sure you subscribe because we’re bringing it to you every day.

Post your comments below.

And turn on the bell notification because you’re not going know every day when they come in if you don’t get the notification.

Thank you, guys.

I appreciate watching.

Hope these tips help you get your first American Express and on your way and on your journey to better credit.

My name is Mike from Wholesale Tradelines and until tomorrow, take care.

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