How to Boost Your Credit For Christmas

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So let me ask you a question. Does your score start with a four, a five, or a six, currently? If your score starts with a four, five, and six, today, I’m going to give you three steps that are very simple that you need to do that you haven’t done yet. 47 days till Christmas and you guys are still in the 400s, to the 500s, to the 600s.

I had a guy call me yesterday, said, “I’ve been watching your video for six months.” I said, “What’s your credit score?” He said, “523.” Why?

How is it possible that you’ve been watching for six months, every day, and have yet to take action on your credit score?

It baffles me that America just continues to push their credit underneath the rug, and you don’t do shit about it, man. And then you know what happens?

The holidays come, and you guys are struggling to take care of your family and your kids, because you didn’t take action, because you procrastinated. I’m not going to let that happen.

So first I need to read a little disclaimer to you guys. And, basically, I want to tell you this, okay? Results aren’t typical so what I mean by that is not everybody can have an 800 credit score.

Not everybody can have a 700, or a 600, or even a 500. Well, you could probably have a five.

All you got to do is just not pay bills. Had a person call me yesterday, a couple of days ago, actually on Monday, and they told me they had a 398 credit score.

I said, “How in the world do you have a 398 credit score? It’s one of the lowest I’ve ever seen.” I said, “Have you ever paid a bill before? Have you ever made a payment on time ever in your life?” She started cracking up. Guys, you got to be serious.

I mean, a 398 is absolute, it’s down there by the like… You have to literally force yourself to pay late every month.

And if you do pay, you pay it late, but probably don’t pay.

So it goes to collections and then all kinds of stuff happens, right?

So here’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to talk about 47 days. We are slightly over a month and a half till Christmas day.

For you guys that don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe it’s Hanukkah, maybe it’s the holidays, whatever the case is. But you have 47 days till Christmas.

Now I want to make sure that you are prepared and in a good place with your credit. So if you have to leverage credit cards, a loan, something, for your family that you guys are going to be able to do it.

When I say results are typical, my disclaimer is not everybody’s going to do this. There’s only a very small portion of people that will actually get into the field and start playing the game.

The others are going to sit on the sideline, watch my videos for another six months, and then say to me, “I’m still in the 500s.” So what I’m asking you today for the three things that I’m going to tell you, three steps I’m going to tell you are very, very realistic solutions. And you’re going to be like, “Wow, that’s all I had to do?” That’s all you have to do. Now I understand that people are going to say, “I don’t have money.” Okay, I get it.

Maybe you don’t have money. Maybe you should have saved up. If you’ve watched any of my videos before, I said, put aside 50 bucks a week so that way when you call us, you have something that you can invest.

We had a client yesterday call in, no joke. We were doing a gold package and an elite credit repair for 1397, Three H Tradelines, progressional. I build the package out.

Phenomenal trade lines, same cardholder address, plus our elite credit repair, which is our 60-day result credit repair. It’s the fastest on the planet with proprietary methods that we’re using.

Got to the credit card information, sent the credit card information to the lady, and literally, she got it and said, “Oh, $1,397 I thought you meant $13.97.” And I literally told Jared, I said, “Look, put that on speakerphone, because we’re going to have to figure out what happened here.

Put it on speakerphone and tell the world, because we’re going to put this on speakerphone, tell the world.” And I made her say it again. “I thought that it was $13.” I mean, are you guys for real here? This is like kindergarten stuff here where you’re going to call in and think you’re getting three H tradelines, progressional file.

You’re getting it built by me specifically, decent credit limits that stagger up. You’re getting an elite credit repair, all for $13. Guys, you can’t even go to subway for $13, and you’re thinking that this is all going to be $13.

So I need a little bit of realization.

Please, when you call in, be serious. About 480 calls a day, okay? I have to sift through to make sure that the best people that people are ready for investing in their future are serious. I got a ton of information on YouTube.

I put these videos out every day. Get your information there when you’re ready, call us. This basically helps us out a lot to be able to navigate through the people that are serious and the ones looking to kick around some tires for the day.

Now on a serious note, I need you to do these three things. And what I’m going to do first, I want to read something to you that is a testimonial that came in this morning that is from a legit customer who just a few weeks ago came into our service because he took action.

Let me read this to you guys. First of all, I want to thank Mike and Val for their team, for making me care about my life again, and giving me a better outlook on life, and reason to keep on trucking. In a nutshell, I’m an Iraq war veteran dealing with a lot of personal issues on a daily, but I don’t care to discuss that.

I let my credit, my life, and a lot of things go downhill after my service.

I never thought I would recover from what damage has been done. I was on YouTube one day and I came across a video Mike was doing. I sat there and thought to myself, “Yeah, right, this can’t be legit.

How can this really be true?” I sat there and saw more videos and thought to myself, “Well, I have nothing to lose, but I do have everything to gain out of this.” Got on the horn. Talked to Brock.

Brock, by the way, is our sales manager. Brock answered. First words of his mouth, I knew that this was going to be like we were family. Explained to him the situation.

We got a game plan together, and boom, we made things happen. I’m not going to lie to you. At first, I was a little sketchy about, little hesitant, but as I said, I had everything to gain.

When I started in mid to late September, I was going in with a 540 credit score. Guys, late September, okay? Just for the track of this video, we are the first week in November, okay? He had a 540 credit score.

Present-day, he’s at a 680 credit score. First, let me stop here and tell you something. Do you know what the difference between 540 and 680 is? It’s 140 points.

But do you know what you can do with a 680 versus a 540? Night and day.

I just prequalified for my first home and have a lot of good things ahead of me. Mike and Val have both texted me numerous occasions to make sure that I was doing good and that I was satisfied if I had any questions or whatnot.

Every text, every email that I send out that I have a question, I got a response within an hour.

I can never say that they did not respond, or that they just blew me off. This is not the type of business that doesn’t care about their customers. I think that people who have left bad reviews on here are the people who are trying to make this legitimate and successful company look bad to make their Mickey Mouse Clubhouse people look better. Quality over quantity, people.

Stop thinking about it. Christmas is next month. Give yourself that extra opportunity to give your family what you’ve never been able to give them before because you have good credit now you can trust. It’s the best feeling in the world. Anybody who has questions or concerns, address me personally and I will address every issue on the spot.

He’s saying, reach out to him. If you guys don’t want to validate any bit of this if you’re, “I don’t believe…” This is on Trustpilot, guys. Do you guys want to see it?

Here’s the deal. Mike and Val, thank you again. I can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve done for me and what you continue to do for me and not just, but all your customers. God bless you guys and take care and like I said, Mike and Val, thank you again.

I can’t thank you guys for enough what you’ve done for me, and what you continue to do for me, and not just me, but all of your customers. God bless you guys. Take care. And like I said, remain in touch.

These are live testimonials that are coming in daily. We’re changing people’s lives.

I’m going to give you three steps. I’m going to simplify what you need to do because a lot of people need help. A lot of people need coaching to, what do they need to do? Here’s what this guy did. Ready?

He watched some videos, and step number one is this, he called, write this number down (904) 515-6698. Why is that so simple, but yet so hard for people? Pick up the phone. (904) 515-6698, one of our representatives will pick up the phone and say, “Hey, welcome to Wholesale Tradelines. What can I get your information on?”

This is the second part. Here’s where you’re going to tell them what your current credit score is, and what is your outcome of what you’re looking to do. Might go like this.

“Welcome to Wholesale Tradelines. This is Mike. What can I get you information on?” Hey, look, bubba bum. “What’s your current credit score?” “I’m at a 580.” “Cool. What are you looking to get to? And for what reason would you like to be a 750?” “Well, I was at a dealership.

I got denied, figured, look, I definitely need to get a vehicle. Wheels are about to fall off the one I got. I would like to get something new.” “Cool. What credit score is needed over at BMW?” “They’re looking at about a 690 to 700 credit score.” “Great. We need to take action right away.”

We will always ask you, what is your outcome? Basically what we were saying here on the testimonial, what he was saying, was that we care about your outcome.

We can’t guarantee your outcome, but what we do is we ask your outcome because we actually care.

We’re not just a regular tradeline company or credit repair company that says, “Hey, give us your money. We don’t care about you. We don’t care what you get. We don’t care if you ever get your car, your house, your credit cards.”

We do care, because when we care and you actually get your outcome that you’re looking for, we can only hope that you’re going to share the love and share, “Hey, they helped me.” Stuff like this. This is what brings you to work every day, every single day. When you get stuff like this, this is what makes you sleep well at night, knowing that you’ve helped somebody, being able to get his first house.

So first step is to dial (904) 515-6698. The second step is to let us know what your current credit score is, where you’d like to be, and what are you looking to have as an outcome, whether it’s a car or credit cards.

Maybe you’re trying to do a house, get your first house, get into a better apartment, get furniture for your house, whatever it is, high limit credit cards, whatever your outcome is, let us know.

And number three, and I just ask you guys this, is to please make sure that if you’re going through step one and step two, that you have a little bit to invest in yourself. Okay?

So to save us the time of someone calling in and thinking it’s 13 bucks, I’m going to tell you right now, it’s not 13 bucks. But it may not be 1300 either, it just depends on where you’re at.

Everybody’s a little bit different. Every score is different. Everybody’s outcome is different. You just may need one tradeline. You just may need a tradeline and elite credit repair.

Whatever the case is, just please make sure that you have a little bit to invest in yourself when you call in so that way we can prioritize the calls and make sure that you can get take care of.

Again, I’m going to go back to one more thing here. 47 days to Christmas. You cannot wait for another day. Every year I do a video with a month and a half left. If you guys wait another day, guess what’s going to happen?

You’re going to miss the boat. Christmas is going to come and your family’s not going to be able to get taken care of the way they should. I’m going to leave you with that. Thank you, guys.

Tomorrow, take care.

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