How Does Our Credit Repair Work?

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Today we’re going to talk about a service that we provide. We have a lot of questions of people asking us, “How does your credit repair work?” I want to make sure that you guys understand the product and the service and that it suits exactly what you need to get you to the outcome you’re looking for.

I can never promise or guarantee any results or outcomes. We are not a lending company, we’re not a finance company. So anything that I tell you is based on proportionate to I’m telling you from guidance.

I can’t say that if you add a tradeline or get credit repair that you’re going to be able to go out and get your new Ferrari. I don’t know that.

I don’t know what the Ferrari financing looks like nor could I even predict with how many different scoring algorithms, there are probably 500 different things in the scoring algorithm that makeup whether you get approved or not.

So again, I’m not a lender so take this at face value.

What I’m telling you is best based on the experience.

Now, what are the services?

So, a lot of people are asking us about the two services, the standard credit repair and the elite credit repair.

Now first and foremost you guys got to know that we follow the rules of CRA, Credit Report Act.

That’s the organization act. We have to follow the rules. We follow the organization act, you’re doing things the right way.

Now, I can’t say for other companies if they’re doing that.

As a matter of fact, I know they’re probably not doing that.

But we’re going to follow the rules of the act and the FTC.

That being said we are doing what they call pay for deletion.

If we can delete your inaccurate, erroneous, incorrect, obsolete information off your credit report, if we can, you pay us.

If we can’t you don’t pay us. It’s a very simple model.

And the reason why they put these acts in place, the hierarchy of some of these government agents like the FTC and the CRA, they put these in place because there are so many people out there scamming in credit repair.

Why do you think they had to put it in place the first place?

Because people are just saying, “Oh, I own a credit repair company.”

And they’re doing it out of their kitchen with themselves.

And then, they’re pretending like they know how to do credit repair and then they are sending maybe a letter out here and there if they send out a letter or two.

But guess what they did first?

They took all your money on the front end and did not perform any services.

So, that’s why the law came out and said, “No, you’re going to perform services and then if and only if you remove these items you will get paid.” Is it fair? Probably not.

Because we put a lot of work into doing work on the front end.

I’ve got a lot of employees.

I’ve got guys out there on the sales floor that want to get paid but I’m fronting all of this in the hopes that you guys are legitimate people.

And saying, “You know what?

They did good business, they got this stuff removed. I’m going to pay for them after work.” Who does that?

But the thing about it is you have to do it.

There’s no question whether or not who does it or who don’t do it.

It is the law so we want to make sure we’re following the law.

So we remove it, you pay, pay in lieu of deletion, meaning that we delete and then you pay us after.

We don’t get the payment on the front end.

We do the work and then you pay us.

Now the difference between the two services is this, they’re both proprietary software and methods.

One is going to be slightly faster than the other.

So, the standard, your average time to start seeing results is between 90 and 120 days, it could be faster but we don’t want to over-promise and then under-deliver.

We want to make sure that your expectations are set right upfront.

So, standard 90 to 120 days to see results, elite you can see results in as little as 60 days.

And again, that may be faster as well.

We’re going to challenge the information quickly upfront, get the results, and then you pay us.

That’s how the services work.

Now let me give you a trick of the trade here.

What I would do and this is, and I tell my guys this every day, you guys are trying to fix your credit, you know that you’re paying us after results.

But like every other credit repair company in the world who doesn’t do it this way and there’s a lot of them, probably 99% of them who collected on the front end there’s no fee from us on the front end.

We hold your credit card for a dollar.

So, think about this for a second.

You call in for elite service, that’s $895.

You had every intention to spend $895 to get results. Now, why would you not add an aged tradeline at the same time?

You want to put the age trade line on at the same time so that way as your credit repair is starting to finish up guess what?

Boom, you get a high credit limit and you’ve got an age trade line that’s smacking on your credit with a positive history.

How in the world does that not make sense? “I just want the credit repair guys.

I just, I call in, I just, I don’t want the trade line.” Why? Why wouldn’t you want the trade line?

It doesn’t make sense to me that you would call in, understand that you’re going to be paying money as every other company does.

We tell you you don’t pay anything and then you say, “I just want the credit repair.”

Get the trade line on so the trade line reports positive history with years of history on your credit report.

What do you think that’s going to do?

You’re going to get the trade line posted and you’re getting stuff removed that’s not supposed to be there.

You guys want to expedite the system.

We’re talking about 2019 here and you’re wanting to go back old school. “Well, I’ll just wait till after the credit repair and then I’ll think about the trade line thing.” It’s dumb, it’s dumb.

In my opinion, it’s completely dumb. You want to fix your credit, get it done at the same time.

Put the trade line on because you’re not spending any money.

The only money you’re spending is the trade line money now.

Now the credit repair is on the back end so it gives you time to save if you needed to save.

Let’s say you didn’t need to save, whatever the case is get something on your credit report now for tradeline as we’re working on your credit.

We will keep the trade line on there for you not remove it during the process.

It just frustrates me that people call in and say, “Oh, I just want to spend the dollar today.” Why?

So you can wait another 60 days?

Do you want to get stuff done?

If time is money to you and you’re tired of having bad credit, guys we’re coming up on three months left in this year and you guys are still in the five hundred, still in the 500 scores and we’re in August.

Get it together, add a tradeline, at the same time you call us and you want services to put a tradeline on too so we can post a tradeline and then the removals are happening fast.

This is what you want to do.

So, I’m giving you a little helpful hint here.

Get the tradeline the same time, the same day as the credit repair so we can get both of them knocked out for you so you have a double impact and you don’t lose time.

Time is money.

And when you understand time is money you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Give us a call. 904-515-6698, that’s 904-515-6698 so we can get the process started and you can move on with your life.

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Thank you guys for watching Tradeline TV and until tomorrow take care.

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