Hack Your Bank Account Legally using Cash App (Cash App Review)

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So we’re going to ask the magic ball, will my subscribers be able to make money using this tip I going to share… Yes, it says. I am going to share with you a Cash App review and share with you some awesome free gifts.

Video Transcript: Today’s topic, we’re going to talk about how to legally hack your bank account using Cash App.

Again, something, not typically my normal video. But what I’m going to give you guys for participating is going to be a free secret lenders list, and here’s what this is.

This is a list that we’ve compiled over the last five years. When you go to do an application for a credit card, how would it be and how nice would this be if you could actually determine the credit limit card that you should expect?

On average. The credit bureau they pull from.

So, this whole list gives you everything. I mean, it tells you the card name, it tells you the state in which the card is pulling from, it tells you the credit limit to be expected, and it tells you the credit bureau.

So let me give you a quick example. Let’s say that you want a Capital One card, and let’s just say that specifically, you’re looking to get a Quicksilver card. You could go through this list, find Capital One Quicksilver.

This list will tell you the credit limit that you could be expected based on your credit score.

Also, the bureau or bureaus that they pull from.

So how would this benefit you?

Well, let’s just say that your Experian is, a 550 credit score, but your Equifax is this 705 because maybe you had a bankruptcy on your Equifax that hasn’t been removed yet.

Would you want to apply for a bunch of different places that pull from Equifax?

What I’m saying is if you knew the credit bureau to pull from, where your high score was that didn’t have the bankruptcy, wouldn’t that make more sense?

So that’s what this list does.

We’ve compiled this over the years to make sure that we give you guys the best education so when you’re applying, you’re not just getting a bunch of inquiries and it’s telling you the criteria that the bank is looking for, to get you approved.

Now, I can’t guarantee that you’re going to get approved for every single card because it’s not only based on credit score, it’s based on the meat behind the credit score.

So I can get somebody to a 750 with putting one or two trade lines on, maybe their brand new credit and they just added two primaries.

Okay. But the criteria may be a 700 to get a Capital One card, but maybe you don’t have any history.

Maybe you have high inquiries.

So there’s a lot of things besides it being just scored specifically.

So use this, as a guide but not a guarantee that I’m going to get a $25,000 cow to one.

Just because I have a 700 credit score.

But you will know the credit bureaus to pull from.

So if you have one that is a higher score, go through the list, check your highest score and then use the credit cards that pull from that bureau.

That’s going to be a free gift to you guys today.

You’re also going to get a primary list.

So, we’ve compiled a bunch of primaries and invented a bunch of companies and screamed over the years.

You’re going to get a list of primary accounts that you can choose from that will put a primary line on your credit report.

And again, we’ve vetted these so we know that they post, we know that they post very, like clockwork and we don’t have any issues.

So I wouldn’t throw you guys out there giving you, you know, random ass different primaries that aren’t posted. These one’s post.

And we’ve got that list coming to you for free as well.

Now, today’s video is how to legally hack your bank account using Cash App.

So this is a way, not only are you going to be able to make money, but you’re also going to get the free gifts.

Here’s how it works. What we’re going to do is we’re going to login to our Cash App. On our Cash App, guys.

First, you need to go to your phone, okay. If you’re doing it from the computer or if you’re doing from your phone, you want to get into the app store.

And what you want to do on the app store is you want to make sure that you type in Cash App, okay. And the symbol you’re looking for if you’re doing it from your phone is a square green box with a money sign.

Okay. You’re going to click on that, click on open, and then you are going to get set up, put your email address in, they’re going to send you a code.

And then after you get your code, you will be locked in, to this screen here.

So let me tell you a couple of different features here that you have. You can actually go to your profile, okay.

Where you’ll be able to see you know your cash that’s in your account.

Then there’s bitcoin. You guys don’t have to use bitcoin, but you want to link your bank account to it.

So when somebody sends you cash, you can receive the cash and go ahead and put it right into your account, as what they call a standard or an immediate.

Okay, so if you’re paying an immediate, they’re gonna charge you a little small fee.

Standard is typically free, it takes about three days or so to get to your account.

You’ll also have the option to get your own credit card, right here.

As you can see, you’ll see this one here. It’s a Visa cash card. That way you guys can use it anywhere you go.

So you can load up the cash card. People send you cashback and forth, and you actually have that credit card as well through Cash App.

Phenomenal service.

Let’s go over here to where you can see to pay somebody. Okay.

So we see the big zero on here.

The way this works is you type in the amount that you want to send somebody. So let’s just say we want to type in $60, okay. And then you would go to pay. And then it says “to,” and then it says “from,” okay.

So if the person, already is in your contacts that you’ve sent money to, then you would just go down through the contacts here to be able to send it to them.

Okay. If not, you can type in their Cash App symbol okay, which would always start with the money sign and then their name after that, that goes right here.

Now the symbol here where it says “for.”

Is just basically what it’s for, right? So maybe you guys went to the movies, maybe it’s for dinner, maybe it’s for a trip, maybe you’re paying back to my loan.

That information goes right here under “for.”

Then you would go to pay. Okay. So if I wanted to send somebody money, I would click on the person’s name. If they’re not, inputted in already and then click pay.

And they would get paid immediately.

So really, really cool feature there. Once you get your card linked up, put your money in.

You can also request money.

If you see here, somebody maybe has forgotten to pay you money, you can hit the request button, put the amount in, they owe you, $100. Hit request.

The same thing again, put their information in under “to,” put their information in under “for,” as far as what it was for. Okay.

And then hit the request button right here and they would be able to get the money right away.

Now here’s the hack.

If you go to this page here, you will see a button that says “invite friends and get $5.” If you click on that button, it will have your cash.

Basically, it is a link that you can send to people. Okay, so the hack is this. You can go through, literally, this is the easiest passive way to make money.

Go through and text everybody in your phone, this link. Send it to every email, send it to every phone contact, copy the link, and then send it out to everybody, like wildfire.

Because you got to remember every single person will get $5. So, if you just sent it to five people and they sign up, that’s an easy $25 right there.

What if you sent it to a hundred people? What if you sent it to a thousand people.

And for you guys that have a mass amount of people, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or a mass of text list of people, contacts on your phone, give them something, give them something.

Guys, you guys are getting the secret lender’s list that I just talked about and you’re also getting our primary list. Okay. You’re going to get $5 for signing up.

You’re going to get those free gifts.

I’m going to put my link in there. Get signed up. You’re going to get the free gifts just for signing up, but what I also want you to do is then after you sign up through the link that I’m going to send you, and it’s going to be in the bio. You’ll see it in the bio, inside the comments above.

You’re also going to get $5 as well. Guys, you’re going to get the $5 and the free gifts.

As well as, you’re going to be able to go through all your contacts and just start sending out that link.

It is passive income. It is very easy and people are making a fortune doing it.

So, I wanted to share that with you, show you how to hack your own bank account using Cash App and a little known secret that not a lot of people know about, but simple to make $5 times as many people that sign up.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care.

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