Get Your Credit Ready For Christmas (Your Family Deserves It)

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It’s going to be a great year. We can’t wait to bring you into the year 2020.

But here we are.

We are now 70 days before Christmas.

You got families, kids, relatives, coworkers. 70 days left till

Christmas day and you still have a 500 or a 600 credit score.

How is it possible that you are going to be able to get credit cards, gifts, maybe you guys are trying to get out of a place where you’re at for the new year.

But, let’s just say Christmas for a minute because it’s a time to be happy, it’s a time to be joyful, and it’s a time to take care of your family when you can.

So let me ask you a question.

70 days before Christmas, I do this video every year.

And 70 days before Christmas, if you guys don’t start working on your credit today, what do you think’s going to happen for Christmas?

Without taking action, what do you think is going to happen to your credit?

Nothing’s going to happen to your credit if you don’t take action today.

This is what I tell you guys every year.

And every year, you call me three days before Christmas and you’re like, “Mike, I need to get X, X, X, X, X, and I need it to get done by Christmas.”

And I laugh every year at you because you waited till the last second to try to protect your family to be able to do something nice for them for Christmas, for a change.

And here we are, 70 days before Christmas and your credit scores are still in the 500s and the 600s.

And my question is, post the comments below, why.

Why have you waited for all of 2019 till October 15th to think about even messing with your credit?

Why have you procrastinated all year long?

And now, 70 days left, if you don’t make a move, you’re going to be short.

I want to make sure that if we’re doing Elite Credit Repair or if we’re doing Tradelines or if you need inquiries move, that you have plenty of time starting today that we can get your credit in a nice place where you could potentially get some higher limit credit cards, to actually get credit cards so you can actually finance the gifts instead of having to take in out of the cash this year.

How nice would it be to protect your family, to help your family, to have a great Christmas because you were able to get a nice limit credit card to be able to buy gifts for your kids this year?

This is what I tell you every year. Some people will actually make a change.

Very few people will actually take the time to watch this video to cause because they understand what I’m saying.

Only 2% will actually take action, while the other 98% of people will wait and procrastinate.

This is what America does.

They sweep their credit under the rug until it’s time that something is devastating, and then they contact.

If you’re ready to take action because you’re saying, “I don’t want to wait. I can’t wait.”

I’m telling you, you can’t wait based on the timeframe that’s left.

This is the time I come to you guys every single year, two and a half months before Christmas to tell you, if you want to do something nice for your family this year, you’ve got to make a move now.

Give us a call at 904-515-6698.

We’re on standby here to help you for Christmas this year, so you and your family can have a great Christmas.


This is Mike from Wholesale Tradelines.

Have a great Christmas.

Let’s rock and roll and get this done.

Take care.

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