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Tradelines, in general, are lines of credit reporting financial data to your credit report. For example, your credit cards, your auto and home loans, student loans, are all considered tradelines. This is the way that lenders keep track of how responsible you are with the credit tradeline they are giving you access to. It’s a double-edged sword. If you are use your cards responsibly, they are a godsend. If you are irresponsible, tradelines are unforgiving and show no remorse. Tradelines are a great tool to use though they promote lots of questions.

Yes, seasoned tradelines increase your credit score when added properly. What I mean is that any tradeline you are added to, should have perfect payment history, and utilization under 30%. The older the tradeline, and the higher the credit limit, the better. But yes 1000%, seasoned tradelines can increase your credit score. Tradelines give a detailed record of activities carried out by the primary cardholder who has great credit history with that card. That information (plus the credit limit, opened date of the account, payment history), is then imprinted onto your credit report at the end of the statement date which re-calculates your credit score with drastic improvements if done correctly.



  1. Tradelines act as an important mechanism for record tracking activities of a borrowers account. When you buy something on credit, tradelines make sure that the history of all the transactions made by you is kept for future reference. When a credit report of a borrower is opened, with the help of tradelines you can see the amount the individual is owing and expected to pay.
  2. Every credit account is its own tradeline, and therefore it is not possible for a borrower to escape any credit transaction. Everything will be actively recorded once per month by the bank when they send the data to the credit bureaus. 
  3. All borrowers have multiple tradelines which are all on their credit reports indicating the individuals burrowing accounts for which they are being granted approval.


Tradelines contain the various names of the creditor.  It also contains the account of them as regards the type of credit which is provided, the people involved for the repayment of the loan and the detailed payment status of the borrower’s account.

Seasoned tradelines are otherwise known as aged tradelines record dates of extension of credit for the status of borrowers. They have been used for almost 30 to 40 years especially by a mortgage brokers. Adding seasoned tradelines to a credit report to boost your score became a trendy way to boost scores and is protected by Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This act allowed the processing and attachment of account legally to another individual.  Anything relating to seasoned tradelines will help increase your average age of accounts and will actively decrease your credit ratio, and when this happens, there is a great benefit which is an increase in credit score. Most times due to a lot of financial needs, people end up having issues in regards their credit card account. But seasoned tradelines help add credit to a person’s credit file. When an individual credit file lacks credit and has a thin file, this enables the person to have substantial lines of credit which promote his credit rating as his credit will have more robust rating.  

Majorly seasoned tradelines act in the benefit of the borrower because he has held a good relationship with the financial institution for an extended period and at such gives the individual opportunity for his credit score to be positively affected. Authorized users tradelines usually have their scores increased by selecting an appropriate tradeline company. Good tradeline companies ensure that services of adding seasoned tradelines actually get delivered. This means that when a seasoned tradeline hits your report, your previous score will be elevated if done correctly. It can take a short period of time, on average 15 to 45 days for your score to be increased. There is a miracle of coordination that takes place behind the scenes when you work with a tradeline company.




Seasoned tradelines cost price varies according to different factors. It ranges in price according to age and the credit limit of the tradeline. Consider doing a full analysis of your credit report with one of our team members. Sometimes your credit card will have some deficiencies, and this will be kept in your credit report so it may be hard to know the tradeline that you need. A lot of people search for cheap tradelines, but they end up being disappointed because the answer to the cost of tradelines depends on what your credit report needs.




It is entirely possible to improve credit scores with seasoned tradelines. Take for instance you have 15 revolving accounts and just a single auto, a single mortgage, a single installment. If you consider adding another seasoned tradeline, it is not going to do much for your score. But what if you have 20 collections and 10 charge-offs? If you think adding tradelines will increase your score then you may be correct, as it is likely to increase your score with a small boost. Before purchasing tradeline, it is necessary to take all these factors into consideration. They are an essential tool when considering raising credit score and must be used properly. Tradelines are not a band-aid, they are an enhancement. If you have any negative items on your credit report, you should consider going through our powerful credit sweep program. You can find more information here—- >> Credit Sweep <<.




There are a couple of ways to add seasoned Tradelines to your credit report. The first is to have a family member add you on to one of their eligible credit cards. If they don’t have any, you can hire select a company like Wholesale Tradelines, and we will help you select the best authorized user tradeline to compliment your credit report based on your goals and outcome. There various ways to add seasoned credit lines your credit and it is also possible to mess this up. Endeavor to patronize us as we are experienced in this process.




Just like some tradelines, piggybacking tradelines is a popular credit boosting practice that involves Seasoned tradelines. It makes use of the creditworthy account of borrowers to increase credit ratings of a third party who was not earlier related. This third party will be added as an authorized user of the credit lines though he or she may not provide the third party with the necessary materials such as credit cards and account numbers which may make the third party create charges against the borrower accounts.


The third party has a benefit which includes improvement in their personal credit rating as the third-party credit score increases. The credit record does not change or impact the primary cardholder who is sharing their credit.


Do not forget that when adding seasoned tradelines it is appropriate to attach a significant criteria. Low balance and even lots of history will definitely help your credit score. When you suffer from detailing items like a collection of accounts and delayed payments, the effect of the seasoned tradeline will be lower than that of a limited file with no history. A credit sweep and tradelines can help fix this issue.


P.S. I know this is a loaded topic so please let me know what questions you have in the comments below or contact me directly!



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