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79% of people have errors on their credit report. Even negative accurate items can often be negotiated away or removed.


I get this question a lot, “Val, what is a credit sweep?” Below you will find the answer, as well as the difference between a Credit Sweep and Credit Repair.

Here's how [our] Credit Sweep works:

1. 100% legal as we use the power of the law to challenge negative items that are lowering your score.


2. We perform the work with modern strategies to accommodate the ever changing industry.


3. Deletions can start occurring within the first 45 days or less. For most clients, the best results happen within the first 60 – 90 days.


4. This process is extremely expedited in comparison to traditional credit repair.



Here's how Credit Repair works:

1. The average timeframe for credit repair is 9 – 14 months, where you pay a monthly fee and your results are being dragged throughout that same timeframe. Expect one or two deletions, IF you are lucky.


2. You snail mailing your own paperwork even though you hired a company (or a person..or cousin.. who works out of the back seat of his car. Or, you tried doing it yourself.


3. Ineffective old strategies that lead to zero deletions.


4. Your 9 – 14 months of time, money, and energy have been wasted.




P.S. Check out our Credit Sweep Program  >>Here. Let us know any questions that you have! πŸ˜‰






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