Credit – How To Get It Fast, Build It Even Faster and Maintain It Forever

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Do you need to improve bad credit fast?

Video Transcription:

Today we’re going to talk about a few things.

We’re going to talk about how to raise your credit score fast.

We’ve got a lot of people asking how do we raise our credit score?

There are so many different ways to raise your credit score. You’ve got Tradelines, you’ve got your credit repair, you’ve got inquiry removal.

But one thing that’s important is that you understand that in 2018, technology is the key.

We have phones and we’ve got tablets and got earbuds and things. People want to know how to raise their credit score fast because they want to take time out of the equation.

Some of the other companies, I won’t mention what the companies are, but you’ve got your traditional credit repair, where they’re going to send out the letters and they’re going to say, “This isn’t my account, or it was reported in error.” A lot of companies, when you’re talking about credit repair, are going to drag you out that eight to 12 months in order to get your disputes done over a period.

Why? Because they’re getting paid monthly to do it. So, one of the things we do at Wholesale Tradelines here is because it’s 2018, we’ve designed a program for a lot of different ways to raise your credit score and to do it extremely fast.

If I got your attention, please listen up because let me share with you one of the fastest and the fastest ways to raise your credit score on the planet.

If I got your attention, please listen up because let me share with you one of the fastest and the fastest ways to raise your credit score on the planet. We’ve developed a system where we’ve got three products/services that we offer here to take time out of the equation.

People have other things that they’re going to do in life that they want to get done. They don’t want to have to worry about their credit.

So let us handle the things that are a little bit more daunting in terms of the credit. Let us educate you on more things that you can do.

Also, I definitely want to share with you on Tradeline TV that there are three things that you can do to raise your credit score extremely fast, and I want to share those with you.

What Is A Tradeline

Let’s start with Tradelines. A lot of people don’ know what a Tradeline in. A Tradeline is simply just an account that is on your credit report.

A positive account that is on your credit report, whether it’s revolving or it’s an installment, it’s an account. A Tradeline is an account.

What we do here is we are going to add from one of our perfect payment history cards. We have vetted cardholders over the years. We’ve got hundreds of cardholders that are willing to share their good credit with those who are trying to …

Whatever, you’re trying to buy a house, or maybe you’re trying to get a car, or maybe you’re trying to get an apartment, get a couple of credit cards. When we add you to one of these cards as an authorized user, that is going to report to your credit report as if it was yours.

So you copy and paste basically the credit limit, and the age of the account goes onto your credit report.

When that happens, you get that immediate score increase. Thus, on your credit report, it shows that 10,000 credit limit for example. Then the five years, for example, perfect payment history, so your score increases immediately, and then you’re able to go out during that period and go do the things that you want to do.

The fastest way to get your credit score to increase is gonna be Tradelines.

Absolutely a legal loophole that has been going on for 30, 40, 50 years, where you are added to someone who’s got perfect payment history and good credit limits to their card. Then, therefore, that will report to the credit bureaus and you’ll be able to use the benefits of that card.

Now, you don’t actually get to use the card. A lot of people say, “Well, when do I get my card?” So one of the important things to understand is that you don’t actually get the card.

You get the benefits of the card. So, you get the credit limit and age.

What it’ll show on your credit report is, for example, again the 10,000 credit limit, and then you’ll see the green checks where it’s over a month you’ve made the payments.


That way when you go to get an apartment or you go to get a home or you go to get your vehicle, they see that on your credit report as basically you’ve been making payments for X amount of period of time and you were able to get X amount of credit limit, so your chances of getting approved for things dramatically increase.

Now, going back to the time part of it. A lot of people want to know, how long does it take for my credit score to increase?

So one of the things that we want to share with you is that, as I said before, in 2018, people don’t want to go through the traditional way of getting a Wells Fargo credit card, secured card, making payments on it for the next 12 months, and then finally after a year, they’re going to unsecure that card.

People don’t want to wait 12 months to get their credit score increased.

By doing it this way, this can happen as early as three days. I did just say three days. In three days, we can get your credit score to increase dramatically.

Selecting The Right Tradeline

Now, how do you select the right Tradeline?

That’s a completely different topic.

But one thing I want to talk about today is the fastest way to increase a credit score is going to be by adding positive tradelines to your credit report.


That’s what we do here. We add you to positive tradelines for people who have been vetted, who have great credit, and are willing to share their great credit with you.

That being said, there are hundreds of different credit cards to be added to, from Bank of America to Discover to Wells Fargo to Barclay’s to Synchrony to Citibank to Vystar to USA, and there are so many different cards we can add you to.

It’s picking the right one for you based on your outcome.

One of the things that I do here is that when you purchase Tradelines, I want to find out your outcome first, so I know what kind of tradelines to put on your credit report.

If you’re going to look to buy a car, you’re looking to buy a house, get a couple of credit cards, rent an apartment, finance a business, PG a corporation. I want to make sure that the right Tradelines on to get you to your outcome.

I do the very best I can to make sure that the tradelines I add are going to help you. That’s one thing that I take a little bit of extra caution in, is making sure that you’ve added to the right ones and really putting a lot of love into it. So that’s one thing I wanted to share with you.

But, in terms of time, we’re talking anywhere from three to seven days. As early as three to seven days, your credit score.

Can you imagine going from the mid-fives up to the mid sixes within a week? This is the powerful benefit of having tradelines. The more tradelines you get with age, the higher your score goes.

This is the powerful benefit of having tradelines.

One of the other things I want to clarify when it comes to Tradelines is that the age will trump the credit limit.

What that means is if you have a 10,000 credit limit with 20 years old, or you had a 100,000 credit limit with a year old, certainly the 10,000 credit limit with 20 years old would be much more powerful than just a high credit limit without that much age.

So, age will always trump the credit limit.

When I say trump, this is for raising a score and building more of a solid credit report. Always go with the age over the credit limit. You want to have a healthy balance on there, but certainly, always go for the age over the credit limit.

There are a couple of other services that I want to share with you guys as well.

As Tradeline TV goes on, we’re going to be describing a lot of different services, how we can help you, whether that’s inquiry removal, whether that’s our credit sweep program, whether that’s the entrepreneurial workshop that we’re going to be doing, the audios that we’re going to be doing.

But as of 2018, we’re coming into an economy where people, they don’t want to wait for things anymore. They want things done in a hurry.

Sometimes I have to say, people have to calm down a little bit because their credit has been getting worse over the last five years and obviously they want it done in three days, and that’s just not realistic.

But when you’re talking about getting it done fast, I’m going to say this one more time.

The fastest way that you’re going to increase your credit score of anything in the world is going to be adding Tradelines. The older the account, the more your score increases. The more accounts you add, the better off you’re going to be as well. I wanted to share that with you guys today.

We’re launching this new service here where we can help you guys. Definitely want to help you guys get educated about what tradelines are, what a credit sweep is, what the inquiry removal is, and just really just the education piece so that way you guys are informed and know what you’re doing when you’re purchasing tradelines, whether that’s through us or through somebody else.

We want to make sure that you have all the information so you can make a great decision and not be in the dark.

Thank you very much for reading!


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