Car Dealerships Don’t Want You To Know This *Hack*

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In 2019, it’s possible to walk into a dealership, spend less than 45 minutes, and walk out with a car… that you *ACTUALLY* want.

No slimy salesman. No wasted time and effort.

But you must know what you are doing. Is your credit score below 655? If so, you will experience car payments and interest rates known to man (and that’s if you even get approved.) Expect to get denied, or expect a 2019 Mercedes Benz car note in exchange for a 1992 Toyota Camry. That’s normal if you have bad credit.

You have to TAKE ACTION to change your score! You can work through getting your old negative collections accounts removed from your credit report with a Credit Sweep.


Select Tradelines to add YEARS of perfect payment history to your credit report that you are lacking now.


These services will allow you to re-write YOUR script, and help you get the car of your dreams. Say “no thank you” to the 1992 Camry.


***We can help YOU fix your credit FAST. Call us right NOW or visit us on LIVE CHAT***


Great Credit Starts Here!

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  1. Hi Val my problem is somewhat complex and long . I apologise in advance.Thanking you too , in advance.
    I totaled my work truck\ personal vehicle which was fully insured on Jan 4th. State farm just paid it off almost entirely yesterday Feb 26th. During this time of I have been out of work so broke is an understatement . My credit was already fair. ( low 600’s) at best prior to this accident. During this period my auto finance company was hitting my score as deliquent my home Depot acct was posting as deliquent and all the while I was trying to get car loans 23 inquiries some to the financing companies 2 & 3 times car dealerships were making for me. Getting denied at all of them, due to the loan I had. I didn’t realize each dealership were using the same until all the denial letters came to the house at the same time.
    The hold up was several situations with State farm , the power of attorney letters and wrong return addresses. All their fault so currently my score is low to mid 400’s. Other pertinent background info is right before this happened I had started my LLC so I have business EIN with no history at all. Which route will get me in a new work truck financed quicker?. , or

    1. Thanks for your message Jason. I just sent you an email, please check. Talk soon,



  2. I am currently in an active Chap.13 I would like to add a tradeline. Also with a credit sweep can it remove the bankruptcies I started and dismissed

    1. Hey K thanks for your message. Absolutely please call our office 904-515-6698 (option 1). Talk soon,

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