Can This Guy Get You $200,000 In Funding? Must Watch!

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The first thing I’m going to do is I got a success story, okay. This success story is absolutely a game-changer for a gentleman by the name of Daryl.

We got a call this morning who went through our Elite Credit Repair, added an age Tradeline, and less than 60 days ago he was at a 564 credit score.

Today he’s over 750 credit score and was instantly approved for an American Express Tradeline credit card that he wanted to get for himself.

Guys, this is an absolute, like it shocks me that you could go from a 560 to over a 700 that fast.

We’ve got proprietary software so we can connect directly with the credit bureaus taking out the time, right. It’s 2019 guys, you don’t want to wait, right?

Now, that’s my first shot. But what I want to talk about today is a man who can get you up to $200,000 in funding.

What am I talking about here? Think about this for a second.

What do most people want a good credit score for?

Right, yeah, okay. Some people will call in, us, and say, “Look, I want a 750,” and when you ask them why? “Just because I want peace of mind.” And that’s fine.

But most people that want a high credit score want to be able to leverage different shiny pieces.

What do I mean by a shiny piece?

It could be a car, it could be a loan, it could be you want some higher credit cards.

Maybe you’re trying to start a business. Maybe you need a furniture loan. Maybe need an equipment loan. Maybe you’re trying to buy your first house. Maybe you need a good apartment, right? Basically everything, maybe JEA or your electric company. Okay. Maybe you’re trying to get a new cell phone.

Guys, everything requires your credit.

I want you to stop living in the archaic Flintstone times, where you’re like, “I don’t do credit. I just do cash for everything.”

Oh, the reason you do that is that you can’t handle yourself. You don’t understand credit.

That’s why you don’t want it because you don’t understand how to manage it.

It’s a tool to manage and leverage the different things that you want, right?

If you want a new vehicle, you want to go out and pay $40,000 cash?

If you want a nice house, do you want to go spend $250,000 cash?

Or do you think you’d want to leverage your credit so you could actually have a monthly payment, and leverage and not have to pay $250,000?

I mean, who has $250,000 sitting around anyway, right? Who has $40,000 for a nice vehicle?

What I’m talking about today is a gentleman that I know very well and we’ve seen phenomenal results.

I’m talking about business funding.

Now, the first thing I want to tell you about business funding is that it is different than personal funding.

The first thing that I need to tell you about business funding is very important, so please pay attention to this.

Business funding requires, 2019, a personal guarantor.

Very few companies today will give you a loan based on what they call standalone.

What that means is that your company is so powerful that you can use your EIN number to finance things.

Very few companies do that.

So today, what I want to share with you guys is whatever that shiny piece you’re looking for, car, credit cards, home, whatever, they’re going to ask for a personal guarantor.

So the old adage, which is don’t put the cart before the horse.

What would happen if you put a cart before the horse?

The horse is going to run to the back of the cart.

But what if the horse is in front of the cart?

Right, then it pulls it smoothly. And the reason for that is that they go together in a direction.

I don’t want you to worry about business tradelines.

I don’t want you to worry about your business until your personal guarantor is in good shape.

Meaning, I want you over 700 credit score first. Okay, I don’t need any negatives.

Now, we’ll talk about the bureaus in a second, but I don’t need to have three, four collections on each bureau.

I want a 700 credit score minimum. I also want to make sure your inquiries are under four.

No collections, inquiries under four, and that your utilization on your credit cards is under 30%.

Now, why am I asking this?

Because your personal guarantor has to be strong, because if you’re going to get business funding on your LLC or your C Corp or S Corp, then you have to, they’re going to use your social, they’re not going to do it off the EIN.

In most cases today business loans, funding, credit cards, leasing a vehicle, they want a connection to you, okay, not a standalone.

So when I say cart before the horse, let’s not worry about the business until our personal is in good shape.

Now, the requirements that this gentleman is wanting is a 700 credit score, under four inquiries, and under 30% utilization, and that there is income on the business.

If it’s a startup business, that’s fine.

And again, this is a disclaimer, I can’t tell you that every single person is going to get 200,000 okay.

What I can tell you is he can get you up to $200,000, in fact, it’s been so successful that a lot of people are getting more on business funding than they are on personal because typically banks will lend to businesses and have more to connect to.

On the personal side, they can only connect to personal, but if you’re doing it through the business, they can connect it to your EIN and SSN because they’re asking for the guarantor, which is your social.

So they tend to lend more. They tend to help out businesses more.

So lines of credit of $50,000 credit card $25,000.

You know, these things happen, these are happening like a day in and day out, and we’re seeing massive results. But you got to be compliant.

So if you guys are interested in getting funding or leasing a vehicle through your biz.

Now the cool thing about the business is that even though they use your social as a personal guarantor, it does not show up on your personal credit report.

So how do you leverage more credit cards?

You get a bunch through the business and you get a bunch on personal.

Now you can have double the amount of credit cards. Okay? What about a car payment?

If you lease it through the business and they use your personal guarantor from your social to lease the vehicle through your company, the car will not show up on your personal.

So you can double the amount of stuff that you are doing because you’re using your business almost as another social.

You can get double the amount of funding.

If you guys want to know how this works, it’s very simple. There’s just a couple of criteria that we’re looking for.

I want the six to seven years of average age.

Okay, so the first thing I need you to do, let me do a couple of basic steps.

Number one, you got to pull up your credit report because if you don’t know what’s on your credit, we don’t even want to start. Okay.

So pull up your credit report, Credit Karma or Crunch. You know I hate Credit Karma, right, there are some good things about it, but pull up something simple., a three-bureau credit report, whatever you guys use, Credit Karma, whatever.

And what we need to see is what is our average age?

Because, the more you age you have on your credit, the more stable it looks, right.

John Smith’s been paying for seven years on time, he’s never missed a payment. Wow!

Different from someone, who just starting out a brand new file has no age on their credit report, they don’t know what’s happening.

The got to go through credit repair, he’s got no wage, he’s brand new, is the ghost?

So I want six to seven years of average age across the board on all your accounts.

You’ll be able to find out on most credit monitoring services.

Number two, four inquiries or less.

Number three, I want to see a 700 credit score, and I want the utilization to be under 30%. Now, I know that I’m talking to very few people, okay.

So what I’m saying, and the reason I’m saying this is because it is going to weed out some people that need help.

Now, we have about 500 calls that come into our business a day. I’m asking you guys to save your pennies if you need to.

A penny saved is a penny earned, but it’s still a fricking penny. But here’s the deal.

When I say save your pennies, I mean generally pennies.

To be able to get into our program, if you need help with inquiries, if you need help with Elite Credit Repair if you guys need help with age, tradelines, but the age on. Okay.

See what’s going on in your credit and then we can help you facilitate the missing link.

Maybe you have low inquiries, maybe you have low inquiries, no collections, but you have no age.

Maybe you have a good age, but you have a ton of inquiries.

Maybe you have five collections, low inquiries, and no age, right?

So all we’re going to do is help you facilitate which piece is missing and fill that in, it’s because I want everybody to be able to get funding.

Like, my goal in life is you guys to be successful with funding, so you’re happy, and if you want to keep a client and a customer for life, make them money. That’s the key.

But I haven’t asked you guys this because we do have a lot of calls, 500 plus calls come into our business day.

Until you are serious, okay, I’m going to be a little harsh here, until you guys are serious about moving forward with either the Elite, or inquiry, or Tradeline, whatever I can help you with, please save your money and then call us when you are ready.

It takes our people off the phone for 30, 40 minutes.

I got 20 other calls coming in. They’re losing business if you guys are just calling in for information. “I’m just calling in for information.” The information doesn’t change your credit. Okay. The information does not change your credit.

When we call in, we’re going to give you all the information you need to make a decision today, but please, if you don’t have any money, and you’re just calling for information, I have everything.

I have FAQs, everything you need to find is at, right on the website.

Get all the information you need, and then when you contact us you’re ready to roll. “Hey, I’m calling in because I’m looking for a Tradeline Elite combo.” Great.

Let’s rock and roll. “Hey, I’m calling in for this information. I just want to see how you’re doing today and see how the weather was doing in Jacksonville, Florida.” Look, don’t, okay. Let’s do business.

I’m asking you guys because we’re very busy, and the reason why we’re very busy is that we’re very successful at helping people.

But we’re not looking for people that are just going to call in and tire kick.

If you’re serious about fixing your credit… Because your parents are going to tell you, “You’re just fine where you’re at. Just stay, your credit score’s good. J

ust stay where you’re at. Stay in your comfort zone. Stay average,” I’m going to come to you and tell you the truth, okay? And the truth is this.

When you guys are serious about fixing your credit, and you’re tired of being sick and tired of doing everything with cash, or you can’t get into it, your first home.

Or you can’t buy a new car, or you can’t get a loan, or you can’t get credit cards, then call us, we can help you.

But we’re looking for serious people.

My name is Mike with Wholesale Tradelines.

Do me a favor, comment below, serious, if you’re serious. And I will reach out personally, myself, to reach out to you guys to give you our number, or you can just call us.

But I want you to post the word serious.

If you’re dead serious about moving forward and getting help, okay, and about moving forward right away. 9045-156698, that’s 9045-156698, and post the word serious, and comment for me.

I am willing and trying to help each and every one of you guys every single day.

We’re looking for serious people who want to take it to the next level with their credit and who want to leverage their credit for life.

Thank you guys for watching Wholesale Tradelines. My name is Mike.

Give me a thumbs up and let’s rock and roll. Take care.

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