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Do you currently sell tradelines, help your clients build credit, or do funding?

Do you want to get started reselling tradelines and pay LESS for the tradelines?

We have an amazing broker program that offers you the opportunity to become a broker of our services!

The membership offers an extremely discounted price on our tradelines when you buy into any of our broker incentive packages listed below.

A one time payment gives you massive savings on your wholesale tradelines purchases.

As a broker, you buy tradelines from us at a discounted price and resell them to your customers for a higher price.
You collect the client data, submit the order form, make payment to us and we do all the work.

Typically our brokers are upcharging at least $100+ per tradeline, 200+ per package.

You have the flexibility to re-sell for however much you want.

Make more money reselling tradelines with us while helping your clients..

A Single Payment Gives You Savings

Very Limited Availability

Entry Broker

Level 1
$ 1095
  • Entry-Level Product​
  • Exclusive 20% Off Plan
  • Tradeline E-mail template​s
  • Tradeline University Videos
  • Text Marketing Secrets

Classic Broker

Level 2
$ 1995
  • Classic Product​
  • Exclusive 30% Off Plan
  • Tradeline E-mail template​s
  • Tradeline University Videos
  • Text Marketing Secrets


Level 3
$ 2995
  • Most Profitable Product
  • Exclusive 50% Off Plan
  • Tradeline E-mail templates
  • Tradeline University Videos
  • Text Marketing Secrets
Most Profit
  • All Tradelines Discounted
  • Enjoy tradelines at deeper discounts!
  • Pay less for your tradelines with our broker program.
  • This discount applies to all tradeline packages as well.
  • Your discount percentage will override any weekly sale discount if your discount percentage is higher.
  • Broker inventory list in Excel with your pricing for your customers.

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