9 Things that Good Credit Can Buy

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Your credit score is one thing that impacts your freedom… the ability to buy what you want, go where you want (when you want)… The opportunity to do what you want – it’s all there waiting for you! 




#1. A house


You need good credit to finance your own home, in a good area of town, big enough for your family and future family. The nicer the house, the more money it will cost, the better your credit will need to be. 

#2. A new car


You need good credit to get approved for financing on a car. Good credit will guarantee your approval, and ensure your interest rate (car payment) is as low as possible. Can you image walking into a dealership, test driving a car you actually like, getting approved for the financing you can afford, and driving off the lot with your new car the same day? Good credit is sexy. 

#3. Higher credit limits


A good credit score shows that you can be trusted to re-pay your debts. Higher credit scores correlate to higher credit limits. Banks give higher credit limits of 10k+ when you have good credit, versus small baby limits like $500 when you have bad credit.  



#4. Lower insurance rates


Did you know that car insurance companies, AND homeowners insurance companies take your SSN and run your credit when determining how much your insurance rates will be? Yes, they do that and usually don’t tell you! It’s in the fine print. The higher your credit score, the LESS your insurance will cost you. 



#5. Ability to provide for your family


Good credit allows you to finance things and make payments later, so that you do not have to come out of pocket all at once. This gives you flexibility of being able to buy what you need for your family, at the exact moment you need it and pay for it later.  



#6. Power to PG (personal guarantee) your own business. 


When you first start a business, for the first several years you will have to pay cash for everything, or you can finance things if you have good credit. You will need money for inventory and to hire people. Because your business is still so new, banks will require you to PG any credit cards, lines of credit and loans. Meaning they will run your personal credit, and make a determination based off of YOUR credit score regarding approval and interest rates. The higher your credit score, the better chances you have to get approvals and better interest rates. 



#7. Confidence



Having good credit gives you the confidence to never give up on your financial dreams. You really can have that house you want, or car you have been dreaming about, or provide a great life for your family, or take out a loan to start your own business. Good credit gives you confidence that your chances of getting approved are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than with having bad credit, and that is powerful. The last thing you need is your credit holding you back.



#8. Nice things and memories


Ever notice that people with good credit tend to have nicer things? Nicer cars, vacations, houses, watches, clothing, shoes… They have the ability to make large purchases and pay them off at their leisure with affordable monthly payments because their credit is not holding them back.



#9. College


Good credit can allow you to get financing for government or private student loans so you (or your kids) can continue your education. People with college degrees tend to get better and higher paying jobs, thus having a better future. College is very expensive so financing it at an affordable rate is an amazing is so within your reach.



#10. Approval for an apartment


Not ready to buy your own home? That is a huge commitment that requires a large down payment and good credit. If you aren’t ready for home ownership at the moment, good credit will allow you to get APPROVED for an apartment in a good area of town. There is nothing worse than getting denied on a credit application then having to move to a bad area of town that will accept your bad credit. You are working hard to provide a great life for yourself and your family, do not let your credit score put your family in an unsafe area of town with bad influences for your kids. 

If you’re ready to get your credit right so you can buy whatever it is you want to buy, then get started today and call us so can help you find a credit enhancement product that best suits your needs.


P.S. You don’t have to wait 20 years to add 20 years of perfect payment history to your credit report! You also don’t have to wait 7 – 10 years for items to fall off your credit report. 


We can help you remove pesky collections and add positive seasoned authorized user tradelines to your credit report FAST. 


Cut time out of the equation and let us expedite your path to credit success! 


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Written by Val Singles


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