5 Tips for Choosing the Best Tradelines

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When it comes to selecting the right Tradelines, things can get seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry because in this post I’ve got you covered with 5 tips for choosing the best tradelines.


Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, it’s Val from Wholesale Tradelines welcome to Tradeline TV. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Tradelines

Today I want to share with you five tips that I have for you to select the best tradelines.

  • Do you ever wonder which tradelines are going to work best for you?
  • Should you get the cheapest tradeline?
  • Is it better to get an aged tradeline with a low credit limit?
  • Should you get an aged tradeline with a high credit limit or a high credit limit that’s brand new?
  • What’s the benefit of getting tradelines from the same cardholder?

Just know that tradelines are not all created equal.

So, tip number one.

Higher credit limits and older age correlate to higher credit score increases. So, let me say that one more time. The older the tradeline is, and the higher the credit limit, the more power it will have on your credit score.

It seems like common sense, but it’s a very, very common question that I get asked all the time. So, that’s my number one tip.

The oldest tradeline, the highest credit limit’s going to give you the most power.

Of course, it’s going to lead you to the more expensive tradelines, if that’s not in your budget don’t worry I got you.

Here are several other tips as well.

Tip number two.

Make sure that you have at least three open positive tradelines.

A lot of clients come to us, “Okay, hey I want to do this, I want to do that, I want to get this credit card. I’ve only got one tradeline.” The problem is, you can’t just have one tradeline.

It’s going to show to a dealership or to the bank that you’re in toddler stage with your credit and that’s not good.

So, if it’s buying one tradeline and having two of your own, then that would make three. As long as there’s three open positive then you’re good.

If you have two already then you’ll just need one, or if you have zero then you need to get three and then get with me for the lesser primaries.

Legitimate primaries that you can get on your credit report for very low cost, get with me I have that list for you. But you’ll need at least three.

Tip number three.

If you go into your credit monitoring site, log in, go to the credit factors it will tell you exactly what your credit report needs in order to improve your score.

So, if you don’t have at least five to 10 years age you’re going to get dinged for that. The age is very important.

It’s one of the number one most important things.

The number two most important thing on your credit report is the utilization.

So, if your overall utilization is over 30% then you’re going to get dinged for that. So, you would need a very high … A high limit tradeline like, say an Amex 30K or an Amex 50K or 60K to help balance your debt utilization, that’s where I would go with it.

But if you need help with this at all get with us, that’s what we do. We can help you to figure out which tradeline will work best for you based on your credit situation that you’re in now.

We also look at where you’re trying to go with your credit because sometimes what you might be trying to get is overkill or sometimes what you’re trying to get is not enough to reach the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

So, that’s what we can help you with.

Tip number four.

You should select tradelines from the same cardholder. All of ours are labeled by the cardholder.

I highly recommend if you’re buying more than one line to always go with the tradeline package because what we do is build it at each progressional.

Meaning we pick only one or two cardholders and we pick the oldest tradeline, has the lowest credit limit, the newest tradeline has the highest credit limit showing that your credit got better over time.

And everything’s hand selected by the same cardholder, which is very time-consuming on our end, but it’s totally worth it for you. It’s worth it because it minimizes the addresses on your credit file showing that you’re definitely much more stable and your credit got better over time.

So, the last tip that I have for you is this.

If you have any negatives on your credit report and you go to add a tradeline just be mindful that the power of the tradeline is not going to be able to unleash itself as much as if you didn’t have those negatives.

So, I recommend going through our credit sweep program. Say you have 10 negatives, you go through our program and we can get eight of those off and then you only have two, and now you have a tradeline on there and you’re going to be in a much better credit standpoint then you were when you just added a tradeline, you know?

If you’re going to invest in the tradeline you really have to look at the other aspects of your credit report, like the negatives, the collections, the late pays, the judgments and all that kind of stuff.

We can absolutely help with that as well.

The conclusion

So, if you need any help, or you’ve got any questions please drop any of your questions in the comment section below.

I read everything and I comment back to everyone, so please do that.

Reach out to us if you have any questions. Thanks so much, talk to you soon.


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