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Well the short answer is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and here is why. Most Americans over (79%) have a negative item on their credit report that may or may not be theirs in the first place. So adding a tradeline or (Authorized user account) with good age and high credit limit to your credit report will not only raise your score fast but will give you what MOST LENDERS, BANKS AND CREDIT CARD COMPANIES look for when determining credit worthiness to approve or deny you for credit. Most lenders are looking for a minimum of 24-36 months of perfect payment history and decent credit limits to give approvals these days… SO what do you do if you don’t have that? Wholesale Tradelines helps you right away by adding you as an AUTHORIZED USER to one of our Cardholders’ who has the great age/history and credit limits that you don’t have on your credit report right now. When this takes place the credit limit and age of the cardholders card will copy and paste on to your credit report as if the card was yours. This legal loophole happens every day of the year, its called piggybacking and you will be AMAZED by the results that you get from this! keep reading


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In 2019, it’s possible to walk into a dealership, spend less than 45 minutes, and walk out with a car… that you *ACTUALLY* want.



No slimy salesman. No wasted time and effort.



But you must know what you are doing. Is your credit score below 655? If so, you will experience car payments and interest rates known to man (and that’s if you even get approved.) Expect to get denied, or expect a 2019 Mercedes Benz car note in exchange for a 1992 Toyota Camry. That’s normal if you have bad credit.


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