๐Ÿ˜ฒ 5 Credit Tips That ACTUALLY Work ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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If your credit score is in the dumps, you have to do something about it! You can’t just kick your feet up and do nothing. Even if your credit score is great, you still have to do certain things to maintain your score so it does not drop. Below are my Top 5 Credit Tips That ACTUALLY WORK.

Credit Tip #1. If you have negative accounts on your credit report, you should get a Credit Sweep. I am not trying to be funny but I would much rather have 5 negative accounts than 25 negative accounts. A Credit Sweep will work through removing those negative accounts on your credit report through reporting errors and inconsistencies. We have a phenomenal Credit Sweep program. I put a couple of results below so you can see some of the results our clients are getting. I also post new results DAILY on social media. :: I’m Just Sayin’…::

The more negative items you have on your credit report, the more this will hold your credit score down, and will also offset the boost you can get with tradelines.


Credit Tip #2. Reduce your credit utilization. The best way to do this if you want to jack your score up quickly (I did not say, if you want to save money on interest) is to start paying off the lowest credit limit card that you have. Meaning if you have a 500 credit limit card that is maxed out, and a 7,000 card that is maxed out, start by paying down the 500 credit limit card so that the scoring algorithm recalculates your credit score when you pay it to under 30%. The FICO threshold before you get dinged is 30%. Anything higher than 30% then you have done pissed off FICO ๐Ÿ˜‰



Credit Tip #3. Add Seasoned AU Tradelines – Is your credit report lacking age? Then add a seasoned tradeline. Is your credit utilization over 30%? If yes, then lean towards a higher credit. The older the tradeline, and higher the credit limit means the higher boost you will get for your credit. We specialize in helping people to find the right tradeline to compliment their credit score based on their goals. You should have at least 3 open positive accounts, between your own accounts and AU tradelines. Age Progressional Tradeline Packages are the easiest and best route for the highest boosts because they are custom built to your outcome with limited cardholders (to reduce the addresses) which also allows the tradelines to report easier.


Credit Tip #4. Add Positive Credit Through Primary Tradelines.
I love and hate this tip, but it’s inspired me to research and try companies I actually spend my own money at because I get asked about Primary Tradelines so often. Do not go and buy primary tradelines on the black market AKA Trunk Tradelines on Craigslist. “Aged auto primaries, Aged mortgage primaries,” they don’t exist. People who are reporting those get their accounts shut down so fast by the credit bureaus it’s not even funny. The reporting of non-factual data is the problem. Oh, and they keep your money as well. Here are the only companies that I would spend money at to get a primary tradeline in your name:


  • Horizon Gold Card
  • Ox Publishing
  • Deluxe Signature Card
  • My Jewelers Club
  • New Coast Direct
  • Rental Karma
  • Rent Track
  • TronixCountry
  • Self Lender
  • Credit Card Builder >>Here<<



Credit Tip #5. Don’t run up your credit inquires on bull shi%, and consider our inquiry removal service on the current pesky ones you have now.

Every time I’m paying at Target or Walmart they try and convince me to get their Store Card to save 15% on my purchase. Dang it is tempting! However this will result in a credit inquiry on your report and probably another maxed out credit card which will kill your score. Too many inquires will automatically disqualify you in certain underwriting situations and will pull your credit score down. Keep inquiries to a minimum. They drop off after 2 years.


BONUS CREDIT TIP: Ensure you are paying your bills on time and that you never have a late payment again. A late payment will derail your hard work and drop your credit score. Banks don’t report the payment as late until its more than 30 days late just FYI. So whatever you do, don’t pay more than 30 days late! Consider these 30 days your expensive grace period (i.e. they will charge you a late fee).


P.S. What questions do you have? Let me know.







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