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Please be advised that we are no longer accepting new orders at this time. **ALL EXISTING ORDERS WILL CONTINUE TO BE SERVICED.**

The owner has made a decision to close the client services side of the business and point our focus to worldwide education of the credit industry. We thank all of our loyal clients and plan on over-delivering in our credit education platform.


Please place a support ticket if you have any questions surrounding an existing order here >>SUPPORT TICKET<< 

Please email us at if there was any issue with your order so we can send you a refund check. Please include the name used when you placed the order, the issue and your mailing address for the check.


 –Wholesale Tradelines

*A note to our 50% & 40% Off Brokers – You will be getting access to our new credit education program FREE of charge. If you do not wish to support our new venture (to have access to our amazing credit education platform and the best vendors in our space for FREE), then you may email and request a partial refund of your broker program by April 1, 2020.



The Definition Of A Tradeline

There’s a term in the credit world called “tradelines.”

Tradelines are an account listed on your credit report. For example, a credit card, car note, student loans, or a mortgage are all considered tradelines.

Benefit Of Credit Piggybacking

Broad regulations and legal loopholes allow for you to benefit from being an authorized user on another person’s tradeline (also known as “credit piggybacking”).

The issuing bank reports the positive credit history including the age of the account, the limit of the tradeline and the positive payment history to the select credit bureaus of their determination.

In other words, once you are added as an authorized user to an account, the history of that account appears on your credit report and will be treated as if it was your credit history.

Credit Score Factors

The payment history, age, and limit may have an impact on certain credit score models which impacts your utilization ratio, average credit age, and payment history.


Ideally, you should have at least 3 open positive tradelines on your credit report. Meaning the account should be OPEN, the payment history is perfect, and the utilization is under 25%.



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"I have been using Wholesale Tradelines and the service has been remarkable. Mike and Val are easy to work with and are always accessible when I need them to answer my questions. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my life. Wholesale Tradelines can truly turn your life around. "
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"Wholesale Tradelines never lets me down. You can count on Mike and Val to be reliable, consistent, patient, and professional. Their customer service and trustworthiness makes them a great and essential part of my business."
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